Sunday, May 3, 2015

PCG's Reliance on WorldNetDaily: Part 2

Here is another example of PCG using uncritically using WorldNetDaily to inform their readers despite the bad reputation it has among many people. This quote is from Joel Hilliker mentioning a book published by WorldNetDaily's publishing arm. 
This is what makes the book White Girl Bleed a Lot, by award-winning author Colin Flaherty, such an astonishing read. It thoroughly documents what is nothing less than the modern rise of the race riot in America: dozens upon dozens of dozens of events with a clear racial component, many of them black-on-white or black-on-other-race assaults punctuated by blatantly racist hate speech. (Joel Hilliker, Ignoring the Race Riots Won’t Make Them Disappear, July 25, 2012.)
Is Hilliker right to trust this book? 
WorldNetDaily (WND) says it opposes racism in any form. That’s why the online publication has added a series of articles on “black mob violence” to its usual fare of antigovernment conspiracy theories, gay-bashing, anti-Muslim propaganda, and End Times prophecy.

The series, which began in mid-2012, is penned exclusively for WND by one Colin Flaherty, who according to an editor’s note posted at the top of his pieces, “has done more reporting than any other journalist on what appears to be a nationwide trend of skyrocketing black-on-white crime, violence and abuse.” ...

Flaherty catalogues episodes of “black mob violence” with the obsessive care of a true connoisseur. Though he began by writing exclusively about black-on-white attacks, he has lately branched out into covering black-on-black violence, though he rarely bothers to note the race of the victim and always mentions that of the perpetrators.  (From Hatewatch, October 23, 2012.)
 Here is another critique of that book.
WND has continued to publish Flaherty's race-baiting articles, even as he places less emphasis on facts and more on keeping alive his dubious narrative that all blacks are mob-prone thugs. The fact that Flaherty completely ignores the fact that people of other races commit the very crimes he purports to be outraged about amply demonstrates this is all about race-baiting, not about the truth. (ConWebWatch, February 20, 2013.)
It would seem that Joel Hilliker's trust in this book is quite misplaced.

How sad it is to imagine that Joel Hilliker has propagated this book to his readers without checking up on what was said. Now others have read this information and may have become needlessly fearful of African Americans. This is very sad. How many African Americans will suffer because of such words?


  1. I'm just as surprised to find out that World Net Daily exists as I was to learn of that anti-Islamic think tank that you mentioned as providing source materials for PCG several weeks ago. But, then the COG movement has always managed to find eclectic, esoteric reference resources to support its heresies and inhumanity. I suppose it's good to know about such publications, because it keeps us aware of their activities, and the resources through which they obtain their particular set of what can only be called "gnosticism".


  2. I have a hard time imagining how anyone can take WorldNetDaily seriously. But they are catering for their own market. Some people like what they have to say and will even pay money to hear it. WorldNetDaily is for those people and this includes the leaders of Armstrongism to my surprise.

    And now I learn that the leaders of Armstrongism seem to take WorldNetDaily very seriously. They never give any hint that maybe (just maybe) it should not be trusted so much. They have not one bad word to say about them.

    That tells me they like it. They don't just like it. They are mesmerized by it.

    When I just go on their main page I can just tell these people are a bit far out there. That makes me suspicious and weary. I am amazed that the leaders of Armstrongism do not seem to have this reaction and think there is nothing suspicious to be seen here.

    Before I could not help but have a certain respect for the leaders of Armstrongism in seeing that they got ahead. And now seeing that the leaders of Armstrongism seem to be utterly mesmerized by a group like WorldNetDaily I have even lost that small amount of respect for them.

    Just when I thought I could not be surprised anymore I am.