Sunday, May 3, 2015

PCG's Reliance on WorldNetDaily

Banned by HWA has released a post pointing out that many among the COGs happen to think that WorldNetDaily is a "news" source worth listening to.

As shall be seen here PCG's leaders also trust WorldNetDaily as a "news" source and quote it in their articles with no trace of suspicious that WorldNetDaily. Taking their words at face value it may be seen PCG's leaders uncritically treat it as a source worth quoting. No matter what they say it is treated as obviously true. PCG's leaders never say that anything WorldNetDaily says just might be wrong or slanted in some way.

It must be stated that WorldNetDaily has a terrible reputation. 
Big news this week from WorldNetDaily, America's pre-eminent source of far-right fringe theories and weird scams: about half of America would like to see Obama impeached, including a lot of Democrats. (Jason Linkus, "Half Of America Wants To Impeach Obama, According To Impeachable Polling Outfit", Huffington Post, May 21, 2013.)
PCG's leaders trust WorldNetDaily.

Below is a collection of quotes which show PCG's leaders, including Gerald Flurry, Stephen Flurry, Joel Hilliker, Robert Morley and the late Ron Fraser, uncritically take the various sensationalistic claims and stories of WorldNetDaily at face value. There is no attempt to correct them. Whatever WorldNetDaily says is presented by PCG's leaders as uncontested facts.


Panamanian presidential candidate William Bright Marine, writing to the Justice Department on May 4, stated, “I have yet to speak to one single American who is not outraged at the fact that the Clinton administration has allowed Communist China to obtain control of U.S. ports, U.S. bases, and functions of the Panama Canal. They, today, effectively control access to the Panama Canal.… This agreement could not have happened, without the consent of the Clinton administration” (WorldNet Daily, May 25, 1998). ...

With a view to the strategic importance of the Canal, Admiral Moorer stated, “The Canal is the only viable way to transport oil to the East Coast and Gulf of Mexico from the West” (WorldNet Daily, Oct. 19, 1998). (Ron Fraser, “The Gate of His Enemies…”, February 1999.)

The U.S. government certainly seems to think so. Like many other institutions, most government agencies are making no commitment to reaching “Y2K compliancy” by 2000. “The Defense Department [for one] is reported to be far behind in preparations for Y2K compliancy. It is working only on mission-critical systems…” (WorldNet Daily, Jan. 6). (Gearing for Martial Law, February 1999.)

It is reported that last summer, in a closed session with the Senate Foreign Relations committee, Admiral Thomas H. Moorer, USN (Ret.), former chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, warned of grave security risks brought on by the Chinese takeover of the Panama Canal. The admiral declared, “I’m an old sailor now, but I know trouble when I see it…trouble that could evolve quickly into a conflict in our own hemisphere with worldwide implications.… I speak of the transfer of the Panama Canal to the Panamanian government under the circumstances which now exist. There’s far more going on there than meets the eye” (WorldNet Daily, Oct. 19, 1998). (Gerald Flurry, The Rise and Fall of a Superpower, January 2000.)

Author Peter Hitchens stated recently, “They think the history of Britain, rather than being an honorable story of democracy and liberty and civilization, is actually a catalog of squalor, depression and misdeeds. Because that is what they have been told. They have been brought up by their educators and most of the broadcasting systems to despise their country” (WorldNetDaily, Jan. 21; emphasis mine). (Ron Fraser, The Denial of History, February 2001.)

Is Israel ready for war? Some analysts claim that “the chances are high for a major military explosion in the Middle East” (, Aug. 1). (Turning Up the Heat?, September-October 2001.)

In the Al Arabiya story, a spokesman for the group, Mohammad Ali Samedi, said that “since the movement’s beginning a year and a half ago, he has been busy signing up recruits, organizing conventions and training members for martyrdom operations” (World Net Daily, July 7). (Iran’s 40,000 Human Bombs, August 8, 2005.)

Indeed, it could be said that a generation in Britain is being lost to Europe by the willful destruction of national history, thanks in large part to its educators. “They think the history of Britain, rather than being an honorable story of democracy and liberty and civilization, is actually a catalogue of squalor, depression and misdeeds. … They have been brought up by their educators …” (WorldNetDaily, Jan. 21, 2001). (British Soften History to Appease Germany, January 2006.)

According to WorldNetDaily, Hosni Mubarak’s government has thwarted a potential coup, in the planning stages, by terrorist conspirators from the Muslim Brotherhood. The report says Egypt arrested a leader of the Muslim Brotherhood who confessed to the plot during an interrogation session with authorities. (Egypt Stops Coup Plot on Mubarak, August 15, 2006.)

In an interview with WorldNetDaily, a chief rocket coordinator for the Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigades in Judea and Samaria [the West Bank], named Abu Oudai, claimed major Israeli cities and the country’s international airport would eventually become Palestinian rocket targets, particularly following Prime Minister Ehud Olmert’s planned withdrawal from most of Judea and Samaria [the West Bank], which borders Israel’s main population centers. … (Will Rocket Attacks Expand to West Bank?, July 13, 2006.)

Egyptian security officials are also reportedly expressing concern that Palestinian terrorists are moving south to plan attacks on Egyptian targets. ... One Egyptian official told World Net Daily, “If Palestinians from Gaza succeed in carrying out an attack against Egypt, it will be a turning point in Palestinian terrorism.” (Joel Hilliker, Sinai Becoming Terrorist Haven, September 19, 2006.)

Aaron Klein from wrote, .... (Hezbollah Uses Palestinian Camps to Stash Weapons, October 2, 2006.)

Two publications have printed articles about the discovery of Nehemiah’s wall in Jerusalem since first reported the news three weeks ago. On November 11, in an article titled, “Archaeologist uncovers Scriptures’ famed wall,” WorldNetDaily quoted and linked to ... (Stephen Flurry, Jerusalem Post: “Nehemiah’s Wall Uncovered”, November 29, 2007.)

The Human Rights Council is also investigating the Alberta-based Christian Heritage Party of Canada and its leader Ron Gray, after a homosexual activist claimed material on the website was offensive to homosexuals. The main article in question was reprinted from WorldNetDaily .... . (Robert Morley, Canada’s War on the Bible and Free Speech, January 1, 2008.)

According to World Net Daily, “The stock market’s continued weakness reflects an increasing likelihood that the mortgage crisis has not yet bottomed out, with the unfortunate result that more losses from Collateralized Mortgage Obligations in bank asset portfolios are yet likely to be realized.”  (Stephen Flurry, The Weekend Web, March 2, 2008.)

If sharia law coming to America doesn’t shock you, it is probably because you are unfamiliar with its full ramifications. Here are some of its more controversial aspects, as reported by WorldNetDaily: ... (Robert Morley, Sharia Finance: Last Gasp of a Doomed American Economy, November 11, 2008.)

According to most press reports, the murder was just a wage dispute gone wrong. But the fact that [such and such happened] ... suggests that it was anything but a simple murder (World Net Daily, April 9). (Robert Morley, Kill the Boer and Bring Me My Machine Gun, April 13, 2010.) 

Matt Hissey says when he manned GOProud’s CPAC booth, he was thanked by a stream of participants for coming and “for driving the wingnuts away.” Barron criticized a prominent Republican attorney for her role in the boycott by branding her “a nasty bigot.” He called boycotting Republicans “losers” and sneered, “They’re all excited that Jim DeMint is boycotting. And that’s fantastic. I’m glad that he’s willing to be on the Island of Political Misfit Toys with [World Net Daily’s Joseph] Farah and the Concerned Women for America.” (Joel Hilliker, Amazing What Passes for ‘Conservative’ These Days, February 16, 2011.)

So far this year, nine generals and flag officers have been terminated by the Obama administration. World Net Daily calls this an “extraordinary number.” The site reports that over the past five years, close to 200 high-ranking officers have been fired—some under very suspicious circumstances. (Robert Morley, Is President Obama Purging the Military of Dissenters?, November 6, 2013.)

Since then, President Obama has terminated close to 200 high-ranking military officers. This year alone, nine generals and flag officers have been fired or have been pressured to resign. World Net Daily calls this purge of top military brass an “extraordinary number.” This amounts to a major eradication of the leadership of the U.S. military. (Worldwatch, January 2014.)


It is concerning to see PCG's leaders taken such a source as though it were gospel. No good can come from this.

People deserve to know that PCG uses WorldNetDaily in this way.


  1. It's consistent with the rest of the information cherrypicking that "proves" and supports the movement and basic belief system. It is nothing short of sleight of hand, and somehow, it was successful in building the main organization in simpler times. It is practices like this that are responsible for the continuing non-growth of the Armstrong movement.

    Most people today recognize right wing and left wing resources as being agenda-biased. Consulting either as a basis for fact is analogous to valuing the National Enquirer over a legitimate major city non-tabloid daily newspaper.


  2. Au contraire, mon capitan! The National Enquirer and other such publications are the only real sources of truth. Haven't you ever seen Men in Black?