Sunday, October 9, 2016

COGs Mainly Silent on Trump's Comment About Women

So the election campaign has been rocked by the revelation of Trump boasting of being able to grab women in their private area because he's a star back in 2005. Such words have justly earned widespread condemnation.

I took a look at PCG's websites (thetrumpet, pcog, and kpcg), LCG's websites (tomorrrowsworld and lcg) and UCG's main website. As far as I can tell none of them has discussed this disturbing revelation about the man who could be President on those websites.

However PCG's Dennis Leap appeared to allude to this matter in a tweet dated 8:53 PM, October 7, 2016 but even then he neglects to specifically discuss the matter and he does not single out Trump specifically for condemnation instead condemning both candidates.
It's the most hypocritical election process I have ever seen. Both candidates are so guilty. The shame is too much to handle. So sad for USA

Do they not care about protecting the women in their lives from this disdainful and disturbing attitude? Is this matter only worth a very vague tweet on a private Twitter account? Is this matter somehow not worth an article from any of them on their main websites?


  1. Armstrongism is certainly in a quandary about supporting a presidential candidate.

    The ministry is predominantly non voting Republican dog owners and one would think that if there was a Republican Presidential candidate who owned a dog, there wouldn't be any qualms for tacitly supporting him.

    But Armstrongism has fallen on hard times and just can't stand up for a candidate under these conditions.

    Time to drag out (again) "Who Would Jesus Vote for President" (the answer, of course, is himself).

    Because really, the Armstrongists aren't supposed to take part in the politics of this world because they are supposedly Ambassadors of a foreign country and shouldn't be allowed to vote or express political opinions.

    It's a lose-lose situation for them this year.

    Better luck next time.

  2. It is so inconsistent how the COGs say they are not a part of this world's politics but they tend to lean a certain way in regards to politics. They should not bother pretending to be above the fray if they are going to view political affairs a certain way anyway.