Friday, October 14, 2016

Still No Article About Trump's Comment by PCG or LCG

So much has happened in the presidential election since Trump's comment about having the power to force himself on women recorded in 2005 were publicized on October 7 but PCG and LCG's websites do not even have an article about this event.

Since an earlier post PCG has released:

  • an article about Jerusalem, Saudi Arabia and Iran.

  • an article scare mongering about the European Union building an army.

  • an article about the 950th anniversary of the Battle of Hastings.

And somehow they cannot be bothered to write an article about Trump's comment.

Meanwhile on LCG's twitter accounts (here and here) there is still no mention of these comments that have shocked so many people. Somehow they cannot be bothered to write an article about this matter.

One wonders what must the women in these organizations think of the fact that those comments are not discussed in an article produced by these organizations.

No doubt there is discussion of this matter within these groups but the leaders have chosen not to write even a small article to discuss this matter. Whatever they think of it they are not making their thoughts on this matter easily available.

So often the COGs bemoan the world outside of the group and yet they do not write an article about Trump's recent comment.

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