Sunday, October 30, 2016

PCG Finally Writes About Trump's 2005 Recording

While introducing the October 28, 2016 broadcast of Stephen Flurry's Trumpet Daily PCG's leaders finally alluded in written form to the recent scandals concerning Donald Trump after the 2005 recording came to public attention.

They seem to think that Trump boasting about sexual assault and numerous women coming out to publicly state that he behaved inappropriately towards them is just a distraction concocted by major media outlets.
Many Americans have been too distracted by this circus of an election season to notice some alarming trends happening around the world. Major media have blown petty issues about both candidates into huge stories, and most people are lapping it up. In a recent piece for USA Today Glenn Reynolds noted that most of the big issues facing America are being ignored during this election season. He writes, “In a healthier society, our election would turn on these issues. But we do not live in such a society.” On today’s Trumpet Daily Radio Show, we discuss America’s future as it continues to ignore these major problems. (Source.)
What must the women in PCG think seeing these important issues concerning Trump being viewed by PCG's leaders as just a petty issue?

Stephen Flurry did talk about the 2005 recording in his October 10, 2016 broadcast of The Trumpet Daily (1:45 onwards) in which he described the recording as "obscene" but PCG conspicuously failed, as far as I know, to write anything about Trump's 2005 recording until October 28. Only those who bothered to listen to their broadcasts would hear such discussion of the 2005 recording.

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