Monday, October 17, 2016

ICG's Mark Armstrong: European Cultures "Obliterated" by Arrival of Refugees

Did you hear that European culture has "been obliterated" by refugees coming into Europe? Intercontinental Church of God's leader, Mark Armstrong, seems to state that such a thing has happened in his October 7, 2016 weekly update.
We've heard regularly that the whole atmosphere has changed in many European nations, and that the indigenous cultures have been obliterated as people try to go about their business without becoming an unreported statistic in the Muslim crime wave sweeping Europe.
What a ridiculous thing to say. What a bitter and vicious thing to say.

Furthermore he insists on viewing the current refugee crisis in an Islamophobic manner by stereotyping them as Muslims instead of seeing them as people trying to find safety, often from the ongoing cataclysmic war in Syria.

A major reason why so many refugees have been arriving in Europe is because of the ongoing conflict in Syria that has afflicted that land since 2011. Many of the refugees Mark Armstrong talks about are people fleeing from this deadly conflict looking for safety. And yet he would have us believe that these desperate people have already somehow "obliterated" the cultures of European peoples. (Whatever that means.)

By the way, is Mark Armstrong talking about a partial obliteration or a complete obliteration? Either way there is no such thing happening. It is nonsense to insinuate that European cultures have been somehow "obliterated" with the arrival of refugees.

What nonsense.


  1. Mark didn't mention who created the refuge crisis. His precious BI country known as the good old USA.

  2. The problem is, Armstrongites don't believe in evolution as it applies to plants and animals, and they don't believe that evolution should exist as it relates to anything else. Cultures change constantly. There are all manner of external and internal stimuli, and these can be an irrepressible barrage.

    Armstrongism taught the return of the agrarian society for the millennium. The ministers spoke out against new clothing and hair styles. There was outrage over new music or other youth trends.

    The fact of the matter is, California, where the "work" used to be centered, probably underwent a more radical transformation starting in the 1980s at the hands of immigrants than most of these European nations are now. Gone were Bill and Effie, owners of the local 7 Eleven, and suddenly you were greeted by the new owner with an unpronounceable name, in his turban. Entire neighborhoods were taken over by people from the Middle East, or Asia, and the new owners had plenty of money. Poorer people who had rented in those communities for years were suddenly displaced.

    All of the affluent areas, where there is relative peace and freedom, attract people from around the world who are looking for better lives for their families. There is no such thing as a "nice" Aryan neighborhood any more. It's just the way things are. We can either make ourselves miserable over it, like Mark, or look for positives.