Tuesday, October 4, 2016

PCG Calls Russia Communist

PCG's leaders seem to live in a different world from the rest of us. This synopsis for a recent Trumpet Daily broadcast by Stephen Flurry (September 30, 2016) contains three colossal errors which indicate that the PCG leadership is divorced from reality.
Vladimir Putin’s Russia is cracking down on the infiltration of Western immorality like pornography and homosexuality. Many Russians are supporting moves to block access to pornographic websites, and one group recently shut down an American exhibit in Moscow that was displaying perverted photographs. What does it say about America’s morals when Communist Russia is cracking down on the nonstop filth flowing out of America? Listen to Stephen Flurry discuss this subject and much more on today’s Trumpet Daily Radio Show. 
Pornography and homosexuality are not infiltrating Russia from the West. They were already there.

Russia has not been Communist since 1991. How did PCG not notice that rather obvious fact in the last twenty-five years? (Or maybe they wish the Cold War was still with us?)


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  2. Hi,

    Only because in the excerpt you left the call to action I listened in the program. Odd you left that. Now I was sucked in.

    First I was pleasantly surprised by the professional tone and voice of a female broadcaster. Well, this turned out to be an audio excerpt from CNN's program Nina dos Santos.

    Second this female speaker got my attention when she spoke about the "collapse of the prophets." Well it turned out she was speaking about Deutsche Bank "profits". And I got her British accent wrong.

    Third I fell asleep by the boring analysis presented further on, I believe I just managed to hear until the part where it was said that an attack on Iran would have reshaped the Middle East. Well, I guess the entire Middle East is being reshaped before our eyes with the collapse of the former states Syria and Iraq.

    Fourth, before I couldn't bear it anylonger my attention was drawn to the subject of Peres, since you wrote about him recently.

    It shows how difficult it is for both the anti armstrong blogs but also for the splinters to really interpret the Work of hwa.

    It occurred to me that you recently made an analysis on how pcg loathed peres, while sf in the program actually said that GOD worked through peres in preventing Netanyahu from preemptive strike on Iran and it was also hinted at that he turned from hawk to dove because of dealings with hwa.

    Interesting that sf has God setting the stage for the end game and not il diabolo.

    So although I toned down quite substantially in my contributions on the blogs to enlighten people on the work of hwa.

    The peres example shows that the anti armstrongism blogs indeed best try to dissect and point out the wrongs in the splinters and flaws in doctrine but rather not try interpret the work of hwa. And actually this goes for the splinters too. Since he will remain an enigma for those not schooled in diplomacy, the use of soft power in the dealings of the american empire and the united nations as an extension of American foreign policy during the cold war.


  3. And besides all that, Mr. Putin is very much opposed to communism.

    Where has the PCG been for the last two decades, disappeared into a time travel black hole?

  4. The "conspiracy people" have different definitions on what communism pertains I believe.

    In reality there has never been a "communist" state.

    The closest practical example of true communism was the Jewish Kibutz system in Palestine before the State of Israel existed.


  5. nck, if HWA had actually done the things you say he had done, then that puts his so-called diplomacy very much working against the prophecies he had preached for his entire lifetime. This would make him the most hypocritical endtime Elijah imaginable, and of course all at our financial expense.

    Face it, it was all just a bunch of meaningless and ego driven bought and paid for photo ops, designed to convince his supporters (and possibly also himself) that he was actually someone important.


  6. BB,

    I find your comment interesting.
    -"possibly also himself" = insightful comment
    -"the implied mutually exclusivenes or dichotomy" of the message and the actions -

    One could simply argue multiple personality disorder. Or that you actually have different actors. A brain like "the foreign minister for the wcg" could encapsulate both and merge both agendas.

    What distinghuishes wcg theology from the "rapture" theology is that both the WTM and the Kingdom hq would be located ON earth. Not in heaven. This solves one problem.

    I won't make this post too long since I won't argue your basic premiss.

    In the footnotes of the book "the messianic legacy" (a phantastical novel) the writers also contacted EU (EC) officials who claim they didn't know about the dichotomy while being interviewed for the PT.

    Another example. HWA honorary dr in Constitutional Law???

    You would, rightly so, point out the hypocrisy and the 100.000 dollar grant on your/our expense.

    I would research whose chairs the grant funded and what research was conducted by those eminent professors in California.

    So we are both right depending on the perspective. You will rightly so point out that he posed as a cleric. I just observe what the money actually accomplished. That's all.

    I know there is a big difference in Ross Perot drilling for black gold and donating it to the Dallas symphonia and hwa doing what he did. Huge ego's involved. Guess so.


  7. Well, In that case, I think there should be some renaming of a popularly cited phenomenon: ACOGnitive Dissonance