Friday, October 21, 2016

Gerald Flurry Admits PCG has Just 6000 Members (2008)

Back in October 2008 PCG's leader, Gerald Flurry, wrote an article promoting PCG's observance of their Feast of Tabernacles which has just been recently posted on While insisting that (PCG's) God bestows spectacular favor upon his PCG, even implying that his PCG is the only true church on Earth, he admits that his organization only has about 6,000 members.
If people in this world would only look closely at God’s Feast of Tabernacles, they would see their fabulous future. But most people cannot see history as being truly important when it is comprised of only 6,000 people! Still, this Work is THEIR ONLY HOPE. (Gerald Flurry, History of God's Feast of Tabernacles, October 2008.)
It is worth bearing in mind that, as noted in a previous post, back in August 1997 his son, the heir apparent, Stephen Flurry, admitted that PCG had less than 7,000 members.
Just look at what the right priorities have done for the Philadelphia Church of God. Each month, you can receive the Trumpet magazine at no cost to you. Furthermore, our television program, The Key of David, seen around the world, never solicits contributions. And television and publishing are only two departments of this worldwide work. Yet the Philadelphia Church of God has less than 7,000 members! Many people are astonished at that figure. (Stephen Flurry, Don't Waste Your Time, August 1997, p. 2.)
In 1997 Stephen Flurry said PCG had "less than 7,000 members" and eleven years later Gerald Flurry stated that PCG was "comprised of only 6,000 people". If anything it sounds as though PCG's number of members had declined between 1997 and 2008. One can only wonder what has happened to PCG's membership numbers since 2008.

PCG's leaders are notoriously secretive about their organization which necessitates reading between the lines.


  1. And here it is 8 years later. It is difficult to believe that the PCG has grown. In fact, people have been quite dissatisfied and disgusted as the Flurry clan have turned the compound into their own little fiefdom replete with Irish Dancing (and what do you want to bet it isn't also accompanied by Irish Whiskey?).

    As you say, we don't know what the population is now. I would like to think that it's 5,000- members, but that might be wishful thinking.

    How long do you suppose it will take to get it down to 25?

  2. This type of downward spiral obviously cannot follow a straight arithmetic line. At some point, the exponents kick in. My guess would be that they are under 5,000, and accelerating quickly in their losses.

  3. Like McDonalds, there is always a revolving door. Three leave, two come in as replacements.

    Mathematically chartable in order to predict the pcg outcome. The demise of the pcg will not be hastened during a economic crisis and may even result in growth.

    In Herbie's time during the depression more people took to religion to console their misery.