Monday, October 3, 2016

PCG Scare Mongering of Urban Riots by African Americans

PCG has a long and shameful history of promoting their false prophecy of "race war." PCG's 1% insist that in the near future African Americans will launch a mass wave of riots against the white majority. Supposedly this mass wave of riots by African Americans against the white majority will occur everywhere in the United States at the same time. (It has to occur everywhere at once because otherwise this dire prediction just might not scare PCG's audience. If they are told it will happen in one place but not in another then the audience might think nothing like that will happen where they are.)

With the mass protests and riots in Charlotte following the death by shooting of Keith Lamont Scott unsurprisingly PCG's leaders have once again stirred up irrational fears of their racist false prophecy of a "race war" will soon occur at last. This may be seen in the following broadcasts.
  • Stephen Flurry, Black Victim, Black Officer, Black Police Chief, Black Rioters—White ‘Devils’, The Trumpet DailySeptember 22, 2016.
  • Week in Review: Charlotte Unrest, Impending World Financial Crisis, U.S. Terror Attacks, Putin President for Life? and Much More, Trumpet HourSeptember 23, 2016.
On the Trumpet Hour the unrest in Charlotte is mentioned in the first six minutes. It is remarked as though it is astonishing that African Americans should complain since an African American police officer fatally shot Scott. It is assumed that African Americans should not complain if one of their own is shot to death by an African American. Don't they see how strange it is for them to imagine that people would not feel anything if a family member or a friend gets shot by a police officer of the same race?

As for Stephen Flurry he chose to bring up previous convictions of the late Scott thus portraying him in a negative way which does not prove anything about what happened the day of the shooting. One could mention a certain incident concerning his father and boss in 1993.

Then he mentions the police officer in a rather adulatory manner and presents him as having a model life as a student and a model career until the day of the shooting. We need more African Americans like him Stephen Flurry proclaims.

He insists that Scott had a gun because the police said so. He talks about Scott's daughter talking about the shooting. Stephen Flurry portrays her as being wrong.

Black Lives Matter protesters are condemned as being wrong and presented as rushing to conclusions. But if waiting for conclusions is a virtue then why does he seem so confident in knowing that the Black Lives Matter protesters are wrong about the shooting? Shouldn't he wait for the investigation to be complete?

He also discusses the death of Justin Garr during the riots. He mentions that the police said it was a civilian on civilian shooting. He then mentions that a group of clergymen stated that he was shot by the police. After the broadcast an arrest was made.

He cites one African Americans talking about "white devils" which has the effect of inspiring fear and loathing among his listeners. Such talk is, of course, unjustifiable, inflammatory and worthy of condemnation. But there is little thought given to how this inflammatory and objectionable statement is merely a fringe view that most African Americans do not share.

Protests about police violence are hysterically denounced as a war on police. Condemning problems within the police is not a "war on police." To call it such is just hysterical hyperbole designed to shut down debate.

The ad in the middle of the broadcast states that there is a war on police. What ridiculous hyperbole.

In the second half of the broadcast he vaguely talks about how bad everything in America now.

He complains about the media complaining about Trump's brief statement about birtherism and complains that President Obama is guilty of worse citing the nuclear deal with Iran which he hysterically denounces as the worst foreign policy disaster (because his daddy said so). Back in 1994 Gerald Flurry proclaimed Iran to be the King of the South. If there is peace between the United States and Iran it would discredit Gerald Flurry therefore PCG's 1% loath the possibility that their dire predictions about Iran will not come to pass.

It is mentioned that the nuclear deal with Iran began to be implemented on January 16, 2016 in order to tie this into PCG's fixation on January 16 as the date of HWA's death and the supposed occurrence of Satan's expulsion to Earth.

Stephen Flurry ends the broadcast with a list of the various news stories, terrorist attacks by people influenced by the ISIL criminal network, that have occurred this year. It just goes to show how being PCG seems to be so intent on making themselves miserable.

PCG is wrong. Their dire false prophecy of "race war" will never come to pass. It is shameful that PCG's leaders should promote such horrid scare mongering to their followers instead of helping to address the problems. Instead those trying to address problems are vilified as wrong and as waging a "war on police," which is emotive hyperbole which has the effect of shutting down debate. The Black Lives Matter movement is a peaceful movement. So far those riots, those most unfortunate events, have only occurred in cities in which a fatal shooting had occurred. PCG's leaders said nothing about that circumstance in their dire false prophecy before it became an issue.

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  1. I think there is one prediction which we can safely make. There will continue to be demonstrations every time a black man is killed by a police officer until the majority of African Americans are satisfied that equal fairness is in play. That may be a challenge for any number of reasons. Right now, it has been documented that in many black communities, residents as a group will not call 911. They feel that a police presence will only make an emergency worse, escallating into a needless death or wrongful arrest.

    Over the past decades, citizen review boards have been set up in many communities, reviewing police activities and holding the police accountable. Also, there have been increased numbers of minority police officers hired. The problems and the mistrust have not gone away. Church groups should be using their influence to make conditions better. Unfortunately, apocalyptic groups have a vested interest in conditions becoming as bad and negative-appearing as possible, in order for their theology to appear valid.