Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Cracked.com Discusses Armstrongism

The humor website, Cracked.com, has released an article discussing Armstrongism, Six Things You Learn Living In (and Killing) a Cult. (Hat tip: Banned by HWA.)

At one point the article muses why it is that WCG is not talked about so much nowadays even though it had a larger membership than some more well known groups and had an income greater than some well known evangelists. Partly it is because the institution collapsed after the Tkach changes. Also WCG was not overtly political even though WCG's leaders tended to lean to the right. No doubt there are other factors.

I was surprised to learn that WCG HQ even had its own gas station. That detail was never mentioned in what I had read about Armstrongism.

The article contains a picture from pages 5 and 7 of the February 1962 issue of the Plain Truth in which HWA makes a dire prediction of catastrophe. His words are now plainly revealed to have been complete nonsense.

Near the end it mentions that some people in well off neighborhoods of California tend to avoid getting vaccinations.
What was once, Mike admitted, "a cult" that urged its members to risk their lives rather than see doctors, now has a more enlightened attitude on medicine than many rich, white neighborhoods in California.
It is terrible that this dangerous modern day superstition has been able to take root and promote dangerous behavior and unfounded fears that puts people, including children, at risk from dangerous diseases unnecessarily. Children deserve to be protected. Get vaccinated. Get our children vaccinated.

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