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PCG: Music is Sending the Western World into Tribulation (2007)

Armstrongism has a long history of trying to control what music their followers listen to. PCG's Ryan Malone continues this Armstrongite tendency in his January 2007 article, "Are You Listening to the Right Music?"

Let us see what Malone has to say.
Exercising our senses to discern good and evil requires a lot of individual judgment. The Church cannot come up with a list of good bands and bad bands, good music and bad music. Not only would that job be overwhelming and impractical, it would deny people the character-building experience of exercising their own senses, coupled with God’s Spirit, to discern good and evil. 
We all need to be able to discern, meaning our senses must be exercised. The purpose of this article, therefore, is not just to lambaste the obviously and overtly satanic heavy metal or hard rock music, or simply to say something like rap isn’t really music. Nor is it just to praise the obviously wholesome types of symphonic music. After all, it shouldn’t take too much discernment or exercise to make those decisions.
Malone warns his readers to beware of popular music. Satan would be most likely to manipulate music that is popular and widely used, he insists here.
We could say that a good majority of fine art would be acceptable in that it generally does not have a negative effect on moods, and it offers intellectual stimulation. It also stands to reason that Satan would get the most mileage out of exploiting the popular tradition of music—the one designed to entertain and appeal to a wide audience. This would be especially so in the age of mass communication, as this enables him to get his moods and messages across more easily. 
Though caution and discernment should be applied to all music, popular music is generally where we need it the most.
Of course telling members to not pay attention to popular music has the effect of isolating such persons from mainstream society and render them more dependent on the group.

Malone warns the young within PCG to beware of popular music so as not to become exploited by big business firms funding music.
Young people: Even though you do not have God’s Holy Spirit yet, you need to exercise your senses as well. And here’s a secret that no one in this society will tell you: Getting wrapped up in this world’s music is just playing into the hands of those media moguls who want to make millions off you. They’re counting on the fact that you’re not discerning; that you’ll just accept what they tell you to like! Don’t let them do that. Don’t let them run your life. Be empowered. Train your senses. Be aware of your musical choices.
And who else makes millions of dollars? PCG. Gerald Flurry boasted in a 2012 booklet that PCG had an annual income of $19.5 million. That money comes from the members of PCG including many of the parents within PCG reading Malone's article.

Malone then casually assumes that the young will simply obey their parents regarding what music they listen to.
Obviously, you young people must trust your parents and obey them. With most of the youth in God’s Church, your parents or guardians have God’s Spirit. They need to be involved in the judgment and discernment of the music you listen to because of these spiritual components.
Malone tells his readers to beware of "bitter and angry" music.
Even setting aside the lyrics, in much of today’s music you hear singers who are bitter and angry—and their music often casts the same emotional fervor onto its listener. 
Would certain rap hits, even with “good” lyrics, still be considered good under this criterion? Lyrics aside, if the artist is shouting or yelling in an angry tone, is the art from God or from the being who wants to do violence to us? Is it still associated with provocative dancing and skin-tight halter-tops?
And knowing that some will interpret these words to mean to only listen to happy music he then confusingly tries to lessen this criticism.
This isn’t saying our music selections always have to be happy. Psalm 49:4 reads, “I will open my dark saying upon the harp.” Some music is sad, but it won’t necessarily depress you. David’s music was educational and helpful.
That is about as clear as mud.

The COGs have had a long history of fixating on peoples' looks. Malone's article continues that intrusive tradition.
As with many things pertaining to the physical senses, context is important. This applies in the area of diet—even foods God created aren’t good past a certain quantity. With dress standards, the amount of skin appropriate to show around the swimming pool is obviously different than the amount we should reveal in any other social situation.
He then talks about judging music based on how loud it is. Strangely in this section he only writes about music being used in a religious setting.
Also related to this is the volume of the music. The context determines the volume appropriateness. Music can be louder at Church dances than at a fine evening meal (but still not so loud that it prohibits decent fellowship).
Malone then mentions one song to suggest that it was unacceptable when it was released but now it is fine. How confusing.
Look also at the social context. The song “Rock Around the Clock” doesn’t make most of us want to revolt against our parents in this era—there is nothing in the spirit and attitude that relays that to most of us. Rather, today, we might just consider it peppy and cheerful. But it once carried those fruits and attitudes, and, at that time, it would have been wrong to entertain that type of selection.
He encourages people to listen to film symphonies to get into classical music.
Buy film soundtracks that emphasize the symphony orchestra. This music is usually more accessible to the untrained ear than certain classical pieces. This genre of music helps to condition the ear to a more symphonic sound and therefore make the transition to “classical” music much smoother.
Malone ends his article with these dire words insinuating that popular music will plunge the United States into nuclear World War III. What vicious nonsense.
Music is one of Satan’s main talents and tools and is one of the sins sending the Western world into tribulation! But music is also a force for great good if used properly. Let’s use good music to invite God’s presence into our lives. Let’s use good music to have His Holy Spirit flow more mightily so that we can keep Satan’s destructive influence out—conquering him once and for all!
In other words it is insinuated that not listening to this article could cause the reader to come under Satan's influence and lose one's salvation.

There are comments.

Here's one comment from a person relieved to have a better idea of how to judge music.
I've been thinking about this subject lately, thanks for making it easier to gather my thoughts of the subject. what a great concept I'm sure God inspired you to write. Thanks so much!!!
Here's one comment from a person who thinks it is important to listen to the kind of music Malone approves of.
Thank you for such a great article. I now understand even more the importance of good music in order to invite God's presence into our lives. Wow!
Here's one comment from a person relieved to know that her friend who likes rock music is wrong to say it is just as good as the kind of music used in church services.
Quite the wonderful article – excellent points made too. This is exactly the kind of talk I'm looking for, as I have a friend who believes rock music is just as good as music meant to glorify God. All credit given to you, thanks!
And so we see how Malone's words are being applied by PCG members.

Imagine that. PCG publishes an article that insists that (PCG's) God will plunge the United States into catastrophe because of bad music. What drivel.


  1. I'm not a cleric so I won't comment on the content.

    I was triggered by the comment "rock around the clock" now being upbeat, while the parents of yesteryear recognized the implied sexual inuendo involved.

    Also how modern music would plunge USA into wwIII.

    Well there was a time when modern American music was the spearhead in influencing a new culture amongst its allies.

    A type of music that was deemed "criminal activity" by the entire western establishment and especially the British who in 1969 had 1 hour broadcast of modern music.

    Then there were the entrepeneurs funded through shady government channels but sometimes requiring the World Tomorrow broadcast payments to continue broadcasting.

    It was the World Tomorrow broadcast that made possible an entire generation of Western European youth and well behind the Iron curtain to be exposed to modern popular music. This youth culture fueled by music and american popular culture revolutionized and modernized the western world, way of living and way of thinking.

    Interesting thesis have been written on the social implications of the pirate stations broadcast and the means by which they had to survive. (like substantial religious broadcasting)

    But for the more worldly inclined and lovers of modern music I would recommend the movie. The boat that rocked.


  2. On "banned" there is the discussion going with the topic: Can people eat out on the sabbath?

    In relation to your current topic at hand one could start the discussion.

    Was it all right for the World Tomorrow Broadcast to use the single communication channel and thereby closing 20% budget gaps of the stations that brought Rock and Roll into the world?

    The above question of mine if of course a joke since it is well established that these single rock and roll outlets were part of the US special psychological operations to open markets through breaking the established/closed and outdated way of thinking of the Europeans in the early sixties and open them up to modernity.


  3. Last posting I promise. Just a source for those who could swallow my first postings.

    Since the topic is: Western World, Music, Tribulation.


  4. More like "Radio Free Europe" and "Radio Liberty", nck!

    Russians spent a huge amount on the jamming of radio signals that they considered subversive to the revolution.

    When the first Russian rock bands emigrated to the USA sometime in the 1970s and early '80s, they told tales of making their own amplifiers and instruments. One Moscow musician told of hearing only once a song with the most amazing guitar riff. He wanted to hear it again sonthat he could learn to play it. Nearly a decade later when he came tonthe U.S. he finally heard it again. It was "Rock and Roll" by Led Zeppelin.

    There has also been a PBS special on the Beatles' part in creating a revolution amongst Soviet teenagers during the 1980s. The picture is different from the one you constantly attempt to paint in which HWA and the WCG's "secret work" single handedly did all of this stuff. Even considering HWA's formidable ego, he would be amazed at the stories you tell.


  5. I hear you.

    When I said "behind the Iron Curtain" I was reasoning from the West. Moscow is a little far, true. Although Radio Monaco was jamming too.

    I think he would be amazed at my twist that he was part of an effort to pschologically bring Western Europe into the American fold. Since his focus would have been "the gospel".

    If you carefully study the link I provided (and it is not a kooky conspiracy site) you will see how his message "coincided, with official American policy). And there are many more on Covert Radio operations.

    It is not me inventing stories.

    Did you by the way see Tom Hanks in Charlie Wilson's War. I love the part when he admonishes his Texan sponsor......"Tone done on the religion will ya........"

    The unseen hand?


  6. Oh I'm sorry.

    It is not Tom Hanks admonishing Julia Roberts. It is Avrokotos admonishing Charlie to get a hold on his religious right billionaire sponsor.

    "Casey, for his part, viewed Islam and Christianity as natural allies in a fight against godless communism"


  7. Wouldn't it be more reasonable to assume that false prophets allowed to speak their drivel would be more of a concern to God (taking His Name in vain and all) that He would plunge the whole world into tribulation because of false prophets like Gerald Flurry and his stable of henchmen hirelings.

  8. Well, yeah. It's easy to understand that God would be much more aggravated by false prophets than with John Lennon, Mick Jagger, Kanye West, or Tupac Shakur. Certain musicians do seem to make a hedonistic or outlaw type lifestyle seem desirable, but false prophets have a much more devastating effect on peoples' spirituality. Someone may dislike Mick Jagger for a particular tune, but if people are convinced that a false prophet speaks for God, it can end up making people hate God.