Monday, January 28, 2013

Bob Thiel Desperate to Appear Educated

I was reading Banned by HWA's post regarding Bob Thiel's sermon.

In this sermon he has readjusted his book case to make himself appear educated in the eyes of his tithes paying followers.

An anonymous commenter has most interesting words regard Thiel's obvious feelings of intellectual inferiority. (Emphasis mine.)
Oh my! Look at that book case!

This guy will go to any lengths to make himself look credible! It's really very amusing! If he really was confident on what he thinks he knows, he wouldn't go through so much to change the books in the bookshelf! Check out all his videos and look how the bookshelf changes. Why do you think he feels the need to do that? Because somehow, he has to have something to make himself look scholarly because, well, his words alone just aren't cutting it.

I need to hook up my camera, go to the local library, get a ton of textbooks, get that exact bookshelf, dress up in like "Q" in Star Trek, and
make a satire channel on Thiel. I could call it "The Continuum Church of God". LOL! That would be too much fun.

Someone needs to submit this stuff to one of those sites that make this stuff popular and watch the real critics and the real educated people begin their "evaluation" of the video.

His nervousness only further exposes how false prophet Thiel has taken on far more than he anticipated in striving to build up his own personality cult.

How pathetic this false prophet Thiel is.

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