Monday, January 14, 2013

Call for Dave Pack to be Cancelled from TWN and GraceTV

Last night I was minding my own business watching a music video and at the start I saw a Google ad for Dave Pack's cult, the so-called Restored Church of God. At the beginning and then the end. That was annoying.

It's ironic but in the music video the singer mentions being nervous at showing her face without make up to her beloved. As is well known Dave Pack forbids female members from wearing make up.

Now I've read at Banned by HWA that he's written a letter to other Armstrongites boasting that his cult is far better than all the other COGs out there.

But while reading it I noted that he boasted that his TV program would soon be appearing on two TV stations, The Word Network and GraceTV.

Most likely these two TV stations are unaware of the true nature of Dave Pack's RCG. Therefore I am sending them the following letter.

Also I encourage you to also send an email to them making clear that this group is contrary to the stated mission of these two TV stations and that they should immediately cancel any agreement they have with Dave Pack.If we speak up together as one one we will be speaking with a strong voice.

Here's where to send your letters.

Here is the letter I sent them.

Feel free to cut and paste it to them.

Or maybe send in your own thoughts and comments to them.

To whom it may concern,

It has recently been brought to my attention that a religious organization called the Restored Church of God (RCG), which is led by one Dave Pack, is about to broadcast a TV show called The World to Come. I fear you may not be aware of the real nature of this organization.

Dave Pack is a follower of Herbert W. Armstrong, an infamous cult leader who founded and led the Worldwide Church of God and proclaimed himself to be an Apostle. He taught many doctrines contrary to what is traditionally understood by most Christians. He is labeled in Walter Martin's Kingdom of the Cults as a cult leader who taught many heresies. After his death in 1986 his successors renounced many of his heresies but numerous splinter groups have arisen striving to continue his heresies, including Dave Pack, who continues to teach many of Herbert W. Armstrong's heresies.

RCG is anti-trinitarian. Dave Pack teaches against the Trinity. Instead he teaches that God is a family of divine beings, currently composed of two members, God the Father and God the Son (Christ), with the Holy Spirit is taught to be merely an impersonal force, a thing) into which believers may be born into and become as fully God as God is God, though of a lower rank under God the Father and God the Son. This teaching comes from Herbert W. Armstrong.

RCG observes the seventh day Sabbath (Friday sunset to Saturday sunset) and the feasts mentioned in Leviticus 23. This teaching also comes from Herbert W. Armstrong.

RCG also teaches that Sunday keeping Christians are not real Christians but are heretics and that keeping Sunday is the Mark of the Beast mentioned in Revelation. This teaching also comes from Herbert W. Armstrong.

RCG says says that Grace is license to sin. RCG teaches grace to be a heretical teaching falsely used by Sunday keeping false Christians to do away with God's law and that the Old Testament covenant (aside from ritual sacrifices) is still to be followed. However they also teach that the ritual sacrifices of the Old Testament are abolished but insist that those sacrifices were part of a separate law they call the 'law of Moses'.  

RCG teaches the fallacy of British-Israelism, the false belief that the British and the Americans are descendants of the lost ten tribes of Israel. This teaching also comes from Herbert W. Armstrong.

RCG forces members to pay three tithes, doctrines created by Herbert W. Armstrong, causing all sorts of financial and social woes for its members. The second tithe is paid in order to fund members' observance of the feasts of Leviticus 23, especially the Feast of Tabernacles. The third tithe is paid every two years in seven, supposedly to care for poorer church members, but historically it has often been abused in Herbert W. Armstrong's sect and other related sects. These extra tithes are cunningly not revealed to prospective members until they are firmly convinced that this heretic Dave Pack must be followed. Most likely Pack will never mention these extra tithes in his TV show or even his magazine, The Real Truth.

RCG's women members are forbidden to wear make up.

RCG teach that Dave Pack is an Apostle. In a sermon on February 26, 2005 he proclaimed himself to be an Apostle just like Herbert W. Armstrong. All RCG members are required to believe this absurd belief. More information on this sermon may be seen at

Because of these facts I feel very strongly that Dave Pack should not be allowed to run his TV show on your network. He denigrates most Christians as being false and seeks to turn people against mainstream Christianity. Now that you are aware of these facts I appeal to you to not let him broadcast his TV station on your TV network.

Thank you for your kind consideration of this letter.


Together we are strong. Let us disrupt his attempt to lure people into his clutches.

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