Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Why Did LCG Change the Falling Away Doctrine?

One of the reasons why Bob Thiel broke away from LCG is that apparently LCG has changed the Falling Away doctrine.

From what I can gather before LCG taught that the falling away was something primarily among the COGs.

But now LCG teaches that the falling away is something that happens to the entire world, not just the COGs.

Why would LCG change this doctrine?

I would suggest this has been done in order to scare non-COG potential recruits watching their TV shows and reading their magazines.

If a non-COG person started reading their deceitful writings or watched their fear inducing TV shows the idea of the falling away cannot be used to scare them into following LCG under the old understanding.

If the falling away is taught as something that the entire world experiences (as LCG does now) then this idea can be used to scare potential recruits and swallow them up into the abyss of Armstrongism.

It also has the added 'benefit' of scaring LCG members even more then they already are.

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