Monday, January 14, 2013

Bob Thiel's Wish to Hide His LCG Past

Saw this in the last post about former LCG apologist now self proclaimed prophet Bob Thiel, from Banned by HWA.
He starts his daily missal stating that he had to cease affiliation with the Living Church of God, of which, he will not name.  How stupid is that?
As most readers now know, it became necessary for me to cease my affiliation with a group based out of North Carolina and form the Continuing Church of God.
He is caught in an impossible position of his own devising. He wants to have his cake and eat it too.

On the one hand he wants to deny or minimize the link he has with LCG in order to be special in his followers' eyes.

But on the other he needs LCG to claim continuity with HWA and RCM. He needed the supposed 'anointing' by LCG's Gaylyn Bonjour to claim that he is a prophet.

He needs LCG to bolster his claim to be a Prophet, but clearly he wishes he did not need them. His refusal to name them in this instance demonstrates his desire to set himself up as a leader in need of no other Armstrongite leader.

To those of us in the real world his minimization of his involvement with LCG seems absurd, and it is, but he is trying to make his followers forget LCG and focus their attention on him.

It really is quite pathetic.

It reminds me of how HWA claimed he never joined the Church of God (Seventh Day) when he clearly did, and even was ordained a minister for them, until he had his license revoked in 1938, a detail of his life he never discussed to my knowledge.

Too bad for Thiel there is no way he can retcon his involvement with LCG away except in the minds of the few followers who are deceived into joining. 

And on another matter, why is it he always writes the name of his cult as Continuing Church of God, with the first word clearly italicized? He always write that way. Is this confusing speaker so desperate to make his cult's name stand out?

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