Monday, January 7, 2013

Dave Pack Tries to Take Advantage of LCG/Bob Thiel Split

Dave Pack is certainly keeping his eyes on the split between LCG and Bob Thiel. Like a carrion feeder he sees opportunity in this debacle and tries to take whatever disillusioned LCG members he can get.

If you google "COGwriter" you will see a sponsored link to Dave Pack's cult with one of several headlines alluding to the split.

"COGwriter & LCG Split - Why Another Splinter Group?"

"Continuing Church of God - Why Another Splinter Group?"

"Bob Thiel Leaves Living - Why Another Splinter Group?"

As far as I know he does not appear to have written anything specific about the split, these links just go to his website.

If he wishes to take advantage of this split then I will too.

It must be said that as far as I can tell Dave Pack is even more of an authoritarian cult leader than Roderick Meredith.

Anyone unaware of him and looking for good information aboutDave Pack should go here.

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