Wednesday, January 30, 2013

COG Members Have the Power, But Will Not Use It

Silenced had a very good post discussing why UCG and COGWA divided and are simply not going to reunite, despite the yearning of many lay members.

In this article are these enlightening words revealing that members in fact have the power over the ministers, but, alas, for various reasons the members simply do not try to exercise their power over the ministers.

Secondly, you do have some power in this situation, but you refuse to use it. If you want your leaders to listen, withhold your tithes. But the very idea of doing this is so vile and unheard of to the average COG member, this will never happen. They seem to forget that church members have withheld tithes many times in COG history, the WCG split and recent UCG/COGWA schism being predominant examples. There’s confusion among youth who don’t understand the difference between withholding a tithe until a later date and not tithing at all. They’ve been brainwashed into believing that not forwarding a monthly tithe check to the Home Office is a horrific sin against God. Such is the resounding success of the COG’s systemic, cultural and institutional indoctrination. But the reality is, the members do have the power. The moment they withhold their money, these men would suddenly be all ears and scramble to find a solution. If you want reunification, you have to be willing to take an action on your own. But we’re confident that because this would work, you would never, ever try it.

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  1. It's a cult.

    You always have to have your priorities straight.

    The minister comes before anyone or anything else.