Thursday, January 3, 2013

Bob Thiel Now Pathetic One Man Show

Bob Thiel's departure from LCG breaks everything he claimed to believe. He argued that LCG was the one true COG because it was one of the major COGs, because it had some WCG old time leaders in its leadership.

Bob Thiel continuously rubbished those who went out on their own and started up their own Armstrongite following. Most were extremely small and gained hardly any new members. He mocked them for being pathetically small and having hardly any presence on the Internet or in any other media.

Now he has done exactly what he had condemned in others. As far as I am concerned all the words he used to condemn other Armstrongite groups deserves to be thrown right back at him.

At least while Bob Thiel was with LCG one could pretend that he was humble because he was not asking for tithes for himself, and he was arguing on behalf of someone else. Now he has tossed away that pretense of respectability. He speaks for none but himself now. How long will it be before he starts pleading for tithes and offerings? He acts like a swindler.

I doubt he will get far. People will read his nonsensical writings but I think very few will take the leap and join him and help him to try and build up yet another Armstrongite organization. At present he lacks the resources to be anything but a one man show. He won't get far that way.

By his previous standards he has failed 'God's Church' by pompously assuming that only he could properly understand the Bible and insisting that only he fully understands 'the truth'. He has reduced 'God's work' from a group composed of 7000 members to just one man a few follow travelers. How can he asked to be followed? He was not even ordained as a minister by anyone.

Bob Thiel has only proved once again that Armstrongism is but a heretical dead end that leads to nowhere productive. May all flee from the religious confusion of Armstrongism.

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