Wednesday, January 9, 2013

LCG Members in Burma

While reading LCG apologist Bob Thiel's page on news of LCG I noticed every now and then it would mention LCG members in Burma (also known as Myanmar). Recently I was catching up on news and found this news report about an LCG minister visiting their Burmese members.

This is from the April 5, 2012 LCG World Ahead Weekly Update, written by LCG minister Rajan Moses, as shown on the false prophet Bob Thiel's website.
Visit to Myanmar Kalymyo: On January 19 we flew from Yangon to Kalaymyo. A large group of Church members were there to welcome us. The next day we went by motor cycle to get a good view of Kalaymyo University in the valley. While coming back to the hotel, Thomas Tial Hoe wanted to print his copy of The World Ahead from the computer at an Internet Café. The Internet Café lady told Thomas that her sister had opened a new hotel and since it is a new hotel she was willing to give us a special price. We compared it to the hotel we were currently staying in, and found that it was cheaper and new. We immediately moved to the new hotel. I noticed the new hotel had a big hall and asked the manager if we could use it for the Sabbath service. The manager was very kind and I told Tho mas to inform all the Church members from the village. About 41 members, including children, arrived at the hotel at 10:00 a.m. on the Sabbath. All were well dressed and it was like a mini Feast. This was the first time the members ever experienced a Sabbath service in a hotel. All sang very enthusiastically during the song service. We also enjoyed special music singing…. I gave them an update on the Work and gave a sermon on “Faith and Obedience,” which was interpreted to the congregation by Thomas Tial Hoe. All the members were very happy and shook hands with me. This is the first time a minister from the Living Church of God has visited the members in Kalaymyo. Thomas Tial Hoe’s wife served us lunch which she had prepared the previous evening. We ate together and fellowshipped for a long time in the afternoon. I also met the first Burmese member, baptised in 1972. He came about 80 miles to Kalaymyo. He is 72 years old now and was very happy to meet with me. We also had other members who travelled far to join us.
Kyarinn village: On Monday, Thomas’ son took me on his motor cycle to his village. The road was very bumpy and in some places very dusty. When we reached the village, all the brethren welcomed me. We had a Bible Study on “Christ the Creator” and the “Kingdom of God.” After the Bible Study, a long-time member who is 75 years old came to me and, in front of the members, cried and told me “Thank you for coming.” Some members told me that they had not had a foreign minister visit them for more than 30 years. Some of the ladies were very emotional and shook hands with me and wanted me to visit again next year. After lunch we had a question and answer session. Some brethren asked about marriage, Sabbath-keeping and about Tomorrow’s World. One long-time member who is 75 years old insisted that I should visit his home the next day.
The next day all the Church members visited his home, about two miles from Thomas’ home. We walked through the paddy fields to get there. This member has a fishing pond where he catches fish for his meals. While I was there, he was able to catch two big fish for us. He had never caught fish as big before. He told me it was a miracle. I conducted a Bible Study about the “True Church and the Kingdom of God.” In front of his home there was a nice open space where we had the Bible Study and lunch. All the members sang songs and enjoyed a good meal. A long-time Church member walked 30 miles and took a bus for 124 miles to see us in the village.
Sakhan Gyi village: On January 26, Thomas and I flew from Kalaymyo to Yangon
where we stayed one night and the next day went on to Myaung Mya. Upon arrival, we met Mr. Saw Htoo Ray and other members waiting for us at the hotel. He was able to get permission from the Immigration Department for me to visit the brethren in the village. They were very happy to see us again. On the Sabbath, January 28, we took a motorboat to visit the Sakhan Gyi brethren. It took us over an hour to reach the village. Many brethren were waiting at the riverside to welcome us. I conducted the Sabbath service and gave the same sermon I gave in Kalaymyo. Saw Htoo Ray played special music. On Sunday, January 29, we left Myaung Mya for Yangon.Rajan Moses

I think it is very sad that these people have been cunningly tricked into joining this false religious organization. They no doubt have enough problems to deal with without all the problems this fundamentally deceptive group will inflict upon them.

How terrible that a Burmese man has falsely believed that HWA was a man of God since 1972 and he has believed this all this time. Quite likely he never had access to the information which reveals that he was a fake.

Since 1962 Burma, for the most part, had been ruled by a ruthless military dictatorship that succeeded in getting Burma hopelessly isolated from the world. Thankfully over the last few years this sorry state of affairs seems to be improving significantly but no doubt there are still many problems to deal with. 

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