Thursday, January 3, 2013

False Prophet Bob Thiel Incorrectly Identifies RCM's Article as HWA's

I was just looking through Bob Thiel, the false prophet's homepage and I saw this link in the People section.
True Womanhood: A Lost Cause? Is there still a place for being feminine? Here is an article from Herbert Armstrong. 
 If you look at the link you will see that the author is not identified in that page. But it is stated that the article was published in the November 1965 Plain Truth.

So I took a look there and on page 17 (PDF p. 19) the article is there and it is clearly stated that the author of the article is Roderick C. Meredith.

Why is the fact that he wrote this article not stated here?

Now before we leap to conclusions it needs to be stated that I have seen this article online before at Pabco's Home Page, a COG member's web site affiliated with Hulme's group, and it also did not identify who was the author.

And curiously if you look at how the two articles are formatted the words are positioned in exactly the same way.

So did Bob Thiel acquire this article from Pabco's Home Page?

I don't know. But the words are indeed arranged in the same way.  

And regarding the article itself let me state that I have read it and it is dreadful. I recall how J in the old Shadows of WCG blog wrote about it and said even though he is a man he found Meredith's writing astoundingly lacking and tends to view women far too simply to be taken seriously. Also I have read with horror how old WCG very often failed their women, from forcing them to not wear makeup, from interfering with their relationships with family, spouses and children, the anti-medicine superstition, divorce and remarriage (until 1974), etc. And from what I've learned Roderick C. Meredith played a very important and pivotal role in causing old WCG to view women as simply an extension of their fathers and husbands. His article represents what was wrong with WCG in how it treated women and we need to get away from attitudes such as that.

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