Saturday, January 5, 2013

False Prophet Thiel Publishes First Co-Worker Letter

The false prophet Bob Thiel has released his first co-worker letter. (Hat tip to an anonymous comment from Banned by HWA.)

What I noticed about it is how Bob Thiel is trying to portray himself as leading a church composed of non-WCG members.
We have heard from scattered ones in the USA, Canada, Africa, and the South Pacific. As most of you know, this has been a packed eight days here in California. 
On Sunday, I spoke over the telephone with the first person who decided to commit to the Continuing Church of God whom I previously did not know personally. After speaking with him and then hearing from the first woman to commit whom I did not know personally, I decided a high priority would be to figure out how to serve our few scattered brethren. 
On December 29, 2012, we held for the first service of the Continuing Church of God. It consisted of having brief sermon followed by a question and answer session as a third of the congregants had never attended any Church of God service and had questions. 

How dare Bob Thiel plan to trap people into his personality cult! Shame on him. Teaching people to find hope in the words of a man who made many inaccurate predictions and shamefully committed incest for ten years with his daughter. This is truly despicable.

Bob Thiel also boasted that he had a grandson of HWA open the service.
Opening prayer by an appropriate male  (Dan Mattson, grandson of the [sic] Herbert W. Armstrong opened here in Arroyo Grande today).

He is the son of Dorothy Mattson, HWA's younger daughter.

Unsurprisingly Bob Thiel is boasting that he has an astounding work and is reaching more people than any other COG per capita.
And of course, has continued as have my previous prophetic YouTubes and we have reached approximately 30,000 different people on the internet since beginning the Continuing Church of God late on 12/28/12. This is more than other COG groups near or smaller than our size (and apparently more than most who are bigger).
Although this is absurd, he does this in order to claim the legitimacy to lead. Claiming to have a greater work than other COG is a common way for Armstrongite leaders to claim legitimacy and to say that God is working through them. I can well remember when Bob Thiel condemned other COGs (rightly) for making similar claims of divine legitimacy. He cannot see that he is no better than they.

I now quote from the anonymous comment that cited this letter. (Emphasis mine.)
Notice that he signs it as "Pastor and Overseer" of his new church. 
If Thiel caught anyone else fudging Biblical offices like this, he would rake them over the coals. 
Even if Gaylyn Bonjour's ordination somehow did make Thiel a Prophet, it could not have made him both a Prophet AND a Pastor and an Overseer (Bishop/Elder). So, where does Thiel get the idea that he has now become both a Prophet AND a Pastor and an Elder? 
I prophesy that it won't be long before Thiel discovers that he really is an Apostle, too, along with everything else he is. 
This demonstrates once again the ignorance of Bob Thiel.

How long will it be before false prophet Bob Thiel start begging for money like the false prophet of 1975 HWA?

What a disgraceful spectacle false prophet Bob Thiel is conducting.

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