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Is Bob Thiel Learning from Dave Pack?

Bob Thiel's recent boasts make me compells me to wonder if Thiel is imitating Dave Pack.

Pack every now and then publishes statements claiming his group is the best COG and is the only true church. He often claims that he has remarkable results in spreading 'the truth' and gaining converts. No2HWA just recently noted one such boasting by Pack.

False Prophet Thiel's article on Dave Pack's RCG also notes how Pack boasts of having great impact in spreading 'the truth' and refutes his claims.

Thiel now tries to do exactly what Pack did.

Now I am no fan of Dave Pack. I would say he is more authoritarian (and therefore worst) than even Meredith. At least Meredith lets followers go to their doctors and lets women followers wear make up. I know Pack forbids women wearing make up. I am not sure about his position on doctors, but his claims to follow HWA precisely seems to indicate that he forbids doctors and medicine. I hope that is not the case.

Below are Thiel's words regarding Pack's boastings in his article about Dave Pack and the so-called Restored Church of God.

How similar are Pack's deeds with what Thiel is now doing?

Why is Bob Thiel now doing what he condemned when Pack did them?

Although it is unclear how RCG now spends its funds, it now seems to believe that its internet presence is proof that it has preached the gospel adequately...

LCG has reached over 200 nations/territories and accomplished that years before RCG did. Thus, by that standard, RCG should have been supporting LCG. FWIW, I know the COGwriter site has reached over 200 nations/territories too (and people from countries representing most people on the planet are reached pretty much every week at COGwriter).

Anyway, having one or more hits from each nation has been obtained by other COGs (I suspect that both UCG and Barnabas Ministries did this years ago too--as undoubtedly several of the other COG sites most likely have), hence RCG should have been a bit more careful on how it tried to spin this. It is not unique in this accomplishment....

RCG tends to temporarily brag about certain statistics for a while, then switch to others when the previous ones are not as impressive. It has done this repeatedly over its history, yet his followers seem not to have caught on to this game.... (This emphasis mine-Redfox712)

RCG has always been concerned about numbers. So much so, that it almost always had various statistics that it has selectively bragged about for years (it just tends to change which one it brags about once it does not appear as positive).

Furthermore, RCG's David Pack, after writing the previously mentioned booklet, posted a letter dated 1-13-12 titled An Open Letter to All WCG Splinters RCG Fruits—Obvious Fingerprints of God! where he brags about and emphasizes many RCG statistics--there are pages of statistics and numbers he tries to brag about. Additionally, is not mentioning that attendance was up 6.0% in March 2011 indicative that David Pack and RCG are concerned about numbers? The hypocrisy and contradictions in RCG should be obvious, yet its members overlook them (though some finally do end up opening their eyes and leaving).

I think Thiel's analysis of Pack's boasts provides a preview of what to expect when Bob Thiel boasts statistics to claim he has a more impactful work in spreading 'the truth' more than any other COG.

The facts do not support Thiel's boasts. He will have to make up his own facts, ignore the many things against his argument, and (misleadingly) insist that he has proved that he is the leader of the one true church.

Of course it is a lie. It is bearing false witness. And if he actually believed in God as he says, he should think very carefully what He would think about tricking people who trust him and exploiting them to gain tithes.

He is already beginning this deed of misinformation. Note what Thiel wrote in his latest members' letter:
Based upon statistics on the internet and radio estimates I have received, it appears we in the Continuing Church of God seem to be reaching more people with Christ’s gospel of the Kingdom on a per member basis than any other COG group.

Why on a per member basis? Did HWA boast his growth was impressive because it was on a per member basis?

This is a selective test Thiel has set for himself. He has fixed the question so he can say he has the fruits that prove his right to rule.

He is already fudging the question to deceive potential followers.

He will easily devise the statistics he needs from this question.

He is bearing false witness to his members. This is despicable and immoral behavior.

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