Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Another Failed LCG Prophecy

Just recently the governments of the United States and the Philippines have signed an agreement that allows America to place more troops there as part of a ten year agreement.
The United States and the Philippines will sign a 10-year defense agreement Monday, officials said, one of the clearest signs yet of renewed American engagement in the region at a time when tensions between China and its neighbors have been rising. ...

the pact may reassure several Asian countries embroiled in territorial disputes with China, especially in the South China Sea. It also gives the United States greater flexibility to respond to threats and natural disasters in the region. ...

“This is the most significant defense agreement that we have concluded with the Philippines in decades,” said Evan Medeiros, the National Security Council’s senior director for Asian affairs, (Washington Post.)
Oh how different events have gone from what LCG's Rod McNair forecasted when he wrote an article for LCG's recruitment magazine Why America is Losing Valuable Friends and Allies, which is in the September-October 2000 issue of Tomorrow's World. It is all about supposedly deteriorating relations between the Phillippines and the US. This is cited as evidence that God has cursed America for failing to do what LCG teaches.

Fourteen years later their relations are closer than ever.

So we see once again that these Armstrongite ministers do not have some secret knowledge that reveals to them what will happen in the future. They are just as uncertain as anyone else.

God is not with LCG or any of the Armstrongite groups. They speak merely on their own authority and deceptively use God's name in vain to lead people into deception and exploit them by getting three tithes and extra offerings from them.

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