Sunday, April 20, 2014

Kindly Woman Transformed Into "Very Bitter And Angry Woman" in PCG

Exit and Support Network has published another heart rending letter. (See April 14 letter.)
I have a friend whose wife is in PCG. She divorced him on the advice of Samuel Seebran [See: February 5, 2014 letter: "Samuel Seebran Continues His Reign of Terror" for more about Seebran]. Even though they have joint custody, his wife physically and verbally abuses their young son. She instills fear in him telling him that his [other family members] are not in the "church" and that Satan got to them; that they won't go to a place of safety and that they lost out on salvation and are damned. She has become a very bitter and angry woman when before I knew her as a soft spoken, kind and caring person. I was shocked and amazed when I heard this. When my friend was in the WCG, he heard of these situations but it was quickly and quietly swept under the rug but now he is experiencing it first hand. When I was a member, I heard of similar things in the PCG youth camps (PYC) but brushed it off as "teen rebellion and lack of respect for authority" as the camp officials were very strict and disciplined. I have heard of correcting and disciplining one's child by spanking but this has turned into child abuse. His wife refers to Seebran as "a minister from God" (isn't this a form of idol worship?) and told him that God is not pleased with him because he abandoned the "church." In a recent Sabbath sermon Seebran stated that Satan has possessed my friend. --Former PCG member
PCG in Trinidad and Tobago appears to have been in a particularly turbulent state since around late 2012. It appears to have undergone a mass defection since then, from what little can be gathered about this.

It is most tragic that families and friendships are torn apart in this manner.

Alas, such destructive behavior is all too common among the COGs, with peoples lives torn apart for the benefit of the powerful.

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