Friday, April 18, 2014

PCG Exploits Yugosalv Wars to Demonize Germany

If PCG's superficially pro-Serbian stance regarding the Yugoslav Wars can be summed up in one paragraph, it is this one from Stephen Flurry, written in 1999.
As pointed out in “The Unseen Danger in Kosovo” (page 6), Germany stood against the whole world in 1991 by recognizing Croatia. That, not Slobodan Milosevic, is the reason civil war has erupted in Yugoslavia. That point cannot be overemphasized. (Stephen Flurry, NATO: Why Bomb Serbia, The Philadelphia Trumpet, May 1999.)
And it needs to be pointed out that PCG's leaders do not care a fig about any of the peoples of Yugoslavia. Why have they not used their Philadelphia Foundation to help any one in the former Yugoslavia, Serb or otherwise? Why did they spend $24 million building Armstrong Auditorium when they could have used that to serve the poor in former Yugoslavia, or any one else?

He means Slobodan Milošević, by the way.

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