Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Thoughts on Easter

Soon it will be Easter. Currently the COGs are now celebrating their version of Passover and the Days of Unleavened Bread.

Over the years many have one way or another renounced a COG organization, but some may still believe that Easter is idolatrous and/or hold residual loathing of Easter. 

I wish to state here that:
The leaders of the COGs forbade us from celebrating Easter in order to isolate us from non-WCG family and friends.
That is the true reason Easter was forbidden. When we saw our family and friends celebrating Easter (whether religiously or in a more secular manner) we reminded ourselves that they were deceived and we knew the truth.

When it became clear that we and our non-WCG family and friends could not act together because of "the truth" (HWA forbidding Easter) we had to choose between our non-WCG family and friends or WCG or its various COG splinter groups.

Alas, many of us chose WCG or one of the COG splinter groups.

There is no need to fear if the God taught by HWA and his imitators will be angry at you for celebrating Easter. HWA's Easter ban was simply a tool to isolate us from our non-WCG family and friends.

It is also useful to mention that a lot of what HWA and his imitators taught regarding Easter is largely in error.

Take a look at this blog post from Martha at As Bereans Did. She makes many insightful points. Did Easter come from the resurrection of Tammuz (allegedly Nimrod)
Wait, didn't the holiday name come from the Babylonian fertility goddess Ishtar? Probably not. COGs connect Ishtar to Easter through her consort, Tammuz, who died and rose from the dead each year in Babylonian mythology. Several Easter traditions supposedly come from this vegetation god - Lent is really the weeping for Tammuz mentioned in Ezekiel 8:14 and sunrise services marked his resurrection.
The problem is, mythology places Tammuz' resurrection long after the Passover - during the summer month both the Hebrew and Babylonian calendar call "Tammuz."
She has much more to say relevant to anyone who thinks that Easter is forbidden. 
As Bereans Did helpfully has some text regarding Easter in its sidebar.
Regardless of whether one is celebrating (Armstrongite) Passover or Easter I hope everyone will enjoy a good and happy days in the following weekend.

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