Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Gerald Flurry Dares to (Hypocritically) Preach About Self Righteousness

Banned by HWA has a great post at the moment detailing how, despite the numerous things he has done, Gerald Flurry still preaches at his PCG followers about the flaw of self righteousness.

Considering how PCG members are impoverished by paying three tithes and extra offerings, are indoctrinated to fear doctors and medicine to their ill health (and sometimes death), that they are told by Gerald Flurry that a book derived from Jules Dervaes' writings is a book spoken of in Revelation 10 and was delivered to him by angels, and many other matters Gerald Flurry of course is the last person who has the right to speak about such things.

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  1. And we should not forget, also, that he never publicly admitted his DUI offense. He only once mentioned he hadn't touched any alcohol for six years in a Key of David program, but always claimed the story was pure fiction even though numerous sources offered photocopies of the actual police report...

    A key element in repenting is acknowledging one's flaws before the people who should consider whether he is actually 'worthy' under the scriptural requirements of Timothy. A verse well known before ordination, but later installed as 'pay-and-pray' afterwards... :-)