Saturday, April 12, 2014

Armstrongites Still in Denial About HWA and 1975

Banned by HWA has a great post showing one Armstrongite still in denial about the false prophecy of 1975. This Armstrongite misleadingly claims that HWA did not set 1975 as the date for Christ's return. He then cites HWA's booklet, 1975 in Prophecy, to claim that science and industry set the date for 1975, not HWA.

It is a strange fact that HWA never bothered to explain the false reasoning behind why he chose 1975 as the date for Christ's return in that booklet. One must look to other sources to see more clearly that HWA did teach that Christ would return in 1975. One such source is Herman Hoeh's (very inaccurate) booklet, A True History of the True Church.

Here Herman Hoeh claims that the original Apostolic church had two 19 year time cycles (AD 31-69) to preach its message before being suppressed as a result of the Romans' violent suppression of the Jewish revolt. He claimed that the Radio Church of God had also been given two 19 year time cycles (1934-72) to preach it message. Then in 1972 the Great Tribulation would force the Radio Church of God into hiding and Christ would return three and a half years later in 1975.
A DOOR Opens

The time had come for the gospel TO GO AROUND THE WORLD!

Having tested and proven that Mr. Armstrong would remain faithful and subject to His government, God opened before him and a few faithful brethren the marvelous DOOR of radio and the printing press to carry forth the gospel. From a minute beginning in Oregon, in 1934, the work of God spread to cover much of North America in 19 years. In 1953 it leaped to Europe and the world!

This is very significant.

God gave the Apostolic Church JUST TWO nineteen-year cycles to carry the gospel to the Old World. He opened a DOOR to the apostle Paul AT THE BEGINNING OF THE SECOND NINETEEN-YEAR CYCLE by which the gospel went to Europe (Acts 16:9; 11 Cor. 2:12-13).

So now, just before the second coming of Jesus Christ, God has given His Church -- THIS CHURCH -- JUST TWO nineteen-year cycles in which to carry the gospel to the world!

The first cycle PASSED. Then God suddenly opened the door for the second cycle in January 1953, and the gospel is now going to all the world!
All this and more is further elaborated and explained in my previous post, Why 1975? Or if you want a quick explanation there is also Why 1975? Abridged.

So we see that this Armstrongite is completely wrong and in error on this matter. What else are they wrong about?

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