Sunday, April 20, 2014

LCG's Prophecy Comes Alive Column, A Cesspool of False Alarmism

LCG's recruitment magazine, Tomorrow's World, contains a column entitled Prophecy Comes Alive, written by Douglas Winnail.

Here are the titles of this column since it first started in the March-April, 2001, issue of Tomorrow's World. 

Notice how they simply preach the same alarmist, fear inducing false prophesies regardless of what actually happens in the real world. They show no humbleness considering the many times they made inaccurate predictions, not least HWA's false prophecy that Christ would return in 1975.


Jerusalem's Sobering Future!
Are We Living in the Last Days?
Decline of the West-Why?
The Return of Epidemic Diseases
Significant Religious Trends


The Euro: Prelude to a Superstate?
Eco-Crisis: The Real Significance
Europe-Building a Beast
Moral Decline Ahead
Warnings Ignored!
The Trap of Ecumenism


A Beauty and the Beast
Sodom Rises Again!
The True Gospel Restored!
Betrayed - For a Reason!
Europe and the Vatican Agenda
Peace on Earth?


Where are the "Lost" Tribes of Israel?
Disease Epidemics: The Forth Horseman
Famine Ahead: The Third Horseman
Violence and War: The Second Horseman
Children will Rule!
The Mysterious First Horseman!


Times of the Gentiles
Lovers become Rivals
God's People will Forget God!
Tribulation Ahead!
Globalization of Greed!
A Different Gospel?


Disaster Upon Disaster!
Coming: A Famine of the Word!
The Return of Germany
American Gates in Peril!
The Petrine Deception
Spiritual Blindness Prophecized!


The Beast Begins to Stir!
God, Religion and the European Union
Scoffers in the Last Days
Droughts and Famines Increasing
They Stumble Together!
Blind Leaders of the Blind


Your Allies will Forsake You!
Jerusalem's Amazing Future!
Times of the Gentiles
National Blindness Prophesied!
Sudden Calamities Ahead!
Finding the "Lost" Tribes of Israel


The Final Crusade!
A World Deceived!
Signs of Disaster Down Under?
A Famine of the Word?
Promoting Evil, Condemning Good!
End-Time Religious Deception!


Returns, Rebellions and Rome
Debt, Disobedience and the Demise of Nations
Religion's Misguided Shepherds!
The Criminalization of Christianity!
The Daughter of Babylon?
Oceans in Trouble!


Forgotten Lessons
Germany's Quiet Comeback!
The True Gospel Proclaimed!
Forgetfulness, Disobedience and Sudden Demise!
The New "Normal"?
Coming: A "United States of Europe"!


Twilight of the Gods
The End of the Age!
The Demise of the West
The Great Rebellion Against God
When Nations Despise God
When Leaders Go Astray!


Famines and Shortages Ahead!
Ominous Trends in Israelite Nations
[None in May-June issue.]
A World of Greed!
An Empire Rising Again?
[None in November-December]


[None in January-February issue.]
Last Days Prophesied! 

The leaders of LCG, such as Douglas Winnail, show no humbleness considering the many times they and their predecessors made inaccurate predictions, not least HWA's false prophecy that Christ would return in 1975.

Whether events are good or bad Winnail and Co. will simply teach the same fear inducing false prophesies in order to maintain their power over LCG members.

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