Thursday, April 17, 2014

PCG Feast Sites Revealed (Exit and Support Network)

Exit and Support Network has published a letter listing where PCG will be having their Feast sites this year.
April 10, 2014

Edmond, OK (headquarters)
Columbus, OH
Indian Wells, CA
Nashua, NH
Stone Mountain, GA
Osoyoos, BC, Canada
St. George's, Grenada
Enfield, Ireland
Hunter Valley (NSW), Australia
Clark, Philippines
Tshipise, South Africa (105 km to the west of the Kruger National Park and 54 km South of the Zimbabwe border)

The new site in the USA is Stone Mountain, GA. The new site in South Africa is Tshipise. PCG FOT sites have been going down. In 2012 they had 13 sites; in 2013 they had 11 sites; in 2014 they have 11 sites. 
The gradual decline of Feast sites is not a good sign for PCG.

It seems many PCG members are waking up and have perceived that they do not need the PCG ministers' approval to live a happy and productive life.

Many PCG members are seeing past what their leaders are telling them and see there is no need to let them rule over their lives.

Many PCG members now see their enemy is not some non-existent European Empire, but the men who lead them.

Many PCG members have chosen to liberate themselves in order to love and serve their family and friends without restriction.

They are leaving PCG.


  1. ((They are leaving PCG.))

    Praise God!

  2. Any info if they are at Enfield, Ireland again this year 2015?

    I'm in COGWA and went to a castle near by - and who should come out from the previous tour but a former WCG member I know, who I had heard was in PCG. We both did double takes but I couldn't get over to talk to the person (and said person was always a shy type who hung back)... So I was curious...