Saturday, April 26, 2014

Is The Philadelphia Trumpet Unique?

As COG insiders know there are literally hundreds of (usually very small) COG groups all descended from HWA's WCG. No doubt it is hard to distinguish oneself from the rest.

Or you can just pretend that you are the only one when in fact there are many others out there, as may be seen in this editorial from Gerald Flurry from the December 1999 issue of the Philadelphia Trumpet.
Some of you have been reading the Trumpet for years. But many of you are new subscribers—our subscription list has more than doubled this year. Our newer readers might find it amazing that the Trumpet is not even ten years old (though we continue the Work started by Herbert W. Armstrong in 1927). We’re still young—in fact, we only published our 100th issue a couple of months ago. But we have benefitted from the advancing technology you will read about in this issue. From the beginning, the Trumpet has been completely computer generated, although our first issue was little more than a photocopy of a word-processing document. So technology has quickly brought this magazine up to a level of quality that would make any newsmagazine proud. But there is more to this magazine than its quality appearance. You have, no doubt, already noticed that.

This magazine is unique. Where do you find another medium even similar to it? There is no other magazine on this planet like it!  
The Philadelphia Trumpet is not unique. Many thousands of WCG members and ex-WCG members know exactly where to go to find another "medium" very "similar to it". There are many other magazines like PCG's Philadelphia Trumpet.

This statement of Gerald Flurry's is very misleading. He says this in the hope of gaining more tithe paying converts.

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