Friday, April 4, 2014

Bob Thiel: "Highly Likely That [North Korea] Has Been Reached"

Banned by HWA has been discussing (here, here and here) Bob Thiel's booklet insisting that his one man following is the only continuation of true Christianity. Every other form, even that of LCG (which he followed until late 2012), is utterly damnable.

He wants your tithes.

His latest booklet is the typical Armstrongite nonsensical mixture of badly presented early church history, discredited nonsense about seven church eras, etc., all carefully designed to "prove" that only Bob Thiel's extremely small personal following are the true Christians. 

Taking a look at his booklet I could not help but notice him boasting that he has even reached North Korea with his message.
Contacts from nearly every nation on earth have been verified as viewing CCOGs websites (,,,,, etc.) and/or with the one exception of North Korea (note: because people in places like North Korea sometimes use proxy addresses, it is highly likely that nation has been reached as well). (Page 97, PDF page 99.)
Does his megalomania know no bounds? I could not help but note the false optimism in which he presents this thought. This false optimism is suffused throughout his pathetic attempt to create yet another COG splinter group.

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  1. Results would be nice. Transformation, too. Would Jesus think that claiming people played "peek-a-boo" with your website was getting the gospel out? C'mon, Bob, where is the sense of danger or mystery? Do you know that there are subversive Christians actually risking their lives to smuggle Bibles and Christian training materials in to North Korea???