Saturday, April 5, 2014

Bob Thiel Covers Up Abuses Within HWA's WCG

In Bob Thiel's latest booklet which claims that his small following are the only true Christians in the entire world he discusses the history of HWA's WCG while skipping over all the many issues that WCG members that caused so much trouble within WCG due to its authoritarian one man rule.
Those in his church were sometimes branded as members of a cult, and various Catholics and Protestants interfered with his ability to get the gospel out in various media. (Page 86.)
It is noteworthy that Bob Thiel never discusses why HWA's WCG was regarded as a cult by these persons. Theil never mentions the numerous false prophesies HWA and his collaborators made, particularly the claim that the Great Tribulation would begin in 1972 culminating with the return of Christ in 1975.

Theil never discusses the problems HWA's triple tithing system imposed on his followers and the various other abuses that occurred under HWA's one man rule over WCG (deaths due to HWA's medicine ban, divorce and remarriage, the fact that most of HWA's doctrines were simply taken from other sources, the fact that British Israelism is untrue, etc, etc.). This is the closest he gets to mentioning these serious issues.

Well, at least he called it "his [HWA's] church". I know Thiel will vehemently insist otherwise but for once Thiel tells the unadulterated truth, WCG was HWA's church, not the church of God as Armstrongites had been indoctrinated into believing by HWA and his collaborators. 


  1. I remember hearing Garner Ted Armstrong personally, strongly, and extremely angrily deny that he confronted his father over incest, something that no one has NEVER proven. All I hear is that so and so, said this or that, but never one bit of actual proof that would stand up in a court of law! Maybe he did, maybe he didn't, but so far not one actual bit of proof!