Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Impoverished Holocaust Survivors in Israel

How very sad. It is terrible to imagine that people who had suffered so much in their younger days should happen to be living in such distress now.
Tens of thousands of Israeli Holocaust survivors are living in abject poverty

As the world marks Holocaust Memorial Day, a generation whose childhood was taken by the Nazis is spending its final years struggling with hunger, cold and homelessness....

As the world marks International Holocaust Remembrance Day on Wednesday, we will see haunting black-and-white images of children caught up in Hitler’s industrialised slaughter.
Many of those children are now in their late eighties, struggling with ill health and trying to survive on meagre pensions and small compensation payments still made to survivors of the Holocaust.
A survey in 2015 found that of the roughly 189,000 Holocaust survivors living in Israel, about 45,000 are in poverty. In the two other major population centers for survivors - New York City and the countries of the former Soviet Union - the rates of destitution are even worse.(Daily Telegraph, January 27, 2016.)

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