Monday, January 18, 2016

PCG on the Middle East Situation in 2015

Just before the start of the new year PCG made the following December 30, 2015 broadcast entitled "How 2015 Changed the World, Part 1".

Here are some notes I took while listening to the first half discussing the Middle East.In this segment Joel Hilliker and Brent Nagtegaal are talking.

Says America has a policing role in the Middle East. Do PCG's leaders think that the Arab peoples are somehow unable to police themselves?

Says Israelis voted for Netanyahu's Likud Party because they do not trust Iran. This is cited to justify PCG's demonization of Iran.

Says Saudi Arabia no longer trusts the United States and this is why Saudi Arabia began its air bombardment of Yemen.

PCG minimizes ISIL terrorists compared to Iran because PCG wants Iran to be the villain in conformity with Gerald Flurry's 1994 proclamation of Iran being "the King of the South." They even seem to chuckle about the agreement with Iran.

Joel Hilliker says America paved the way for Iran's rise with overthrowing the Saddam Hussein regime. (Back in 2002 Hilliker thought the case for invading Iraq was "compelling" and "sound".)

Refers to Iran as the "head of the snake." (16 minutes.) PCG has constantly referred to Iran in this inflammatory way since shortly after the 9/11 attacks.

Says President Obama is happy that Russia has launched air bombardment against Syria in support of the infamous Assad regime.

Mentions the oil. Says the money will be used to expand Iranians influence. It is insinuated that this expansion might occur in Yemen and Ethiopia. Since 2011 (if not earlier) PCG has been teaching that Ethiopia is fated to fall into Iran's orbit. (23 minutes.)

This segment ends with a promotion of an article on this topic by Brent Nagtegaal which was released the day after this broadcast. It is nonsensically entitled "2015: The Year America Left the Middle East".

The second half of this broadcast discusses Europe but that is another topic.

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