Monday, January 11, 2016

PCG Boasts of Blessing Oklahoma Despite High Rate of Shootings

Back in July 2011 PCG's Ron Fraser wrote an article insinuating that the presence of PCG headquarters in Oklahoma was blessing the State of Oklahoma with divine favor.
As America languishes in recession, the Sooner State shows the rest of the nation its heels. ...

I’m glad to live in a state where the vast majority is still conservative in outlook, and not given at present to extreme changes in the law. ... the real reason for the blessings currently being enjoyed by this state and by the city of Edmond, in particular, would be hidden to most. ...

In the meantime, not only the city of Edmond, not just Oklahoma City, but the whole state of Oklahoma is shining brightly with a reputation of being “recession proof” amid the increasing pain that is being brought upon the United States through its current economic crisis.

Is there a lesson to be drawn here?

There certainly is, though most are blinded to it.

God blesses His work. Those blessings soon benefit the whole community surrounding the location where He places His name and from which He chooses to administer His work.

Place is important to God. It always has been. He makes that evident by showering His blessings on the location of His choice as He moves the earthly headquarters of His work to suit the times we are living through in any given generation. (Ron Fraser, "Oklahoma--You're Kidding!", July 18, 2011.)
If PCG's God is blessing the State of Oklahoma then why is it according to CBS that the State of Oklahoma has the eighth highest rate of death by gun violence in all the United States? It has a rate of 16.5 per 1000 population. In comparison the state with the lowest rate of deaths by gun violence is Hawai'i, with a rate of 2.6 per 1000 population.

This is a ghastly state of affairs for the people of Oklahoma. They do not deserve to have their families and friends to be afflicted in such a way.

Considering this dire state of affairs how dare PCG's leaders should boast that their mere presence somehow blesses the State of Oklahoma. PCG should do something about this terrible rate of violence blighting their own neighborhoods and friends and families neighboring their headquarters instead of boasting that their mere presence somehow blesses the State of Oklahoma.

[Update: Thanks to Opinionated it has been brought to my attention that currently Oklahoma is enduring an unprecedented wave of earthquakes (2009–16 Oklahoma earthquake swarms). Some suspect these earthquakes are caused by the use of fracking to get more oil. I wish the people of Oklahoma well in this crisis.]


  1. Will see if Gerald holds this opinion when his monument to himself is left a crumbling wreck after one of hundreds of earthquake that Oklahoma experiences daily.

  2. Good point. I forgot about that. Since 2009 Oklahoma has been afflicted with an unprecedented wave of earthquakes. Some suspect these earthquakes are caused by the use of fracking to get more oil.

    There is even a Wikipedia article about it: 2009–16 Oklahoma earthquake swarms.

    This is a terrible affliction for the people of Oklahoma. I wish them well in this severe crisis.

    What superstitious nonsense PCG teaches.