Monday, January 25, 2016

Naftali Bennett Says Anti-Semitism in Europe Today is "Unprecedented"

Not so long ago a certain dictatorial regime led by one Adolf Hitler launched a campaign of genocide against the Jews murdering about six million innocent people just because they were Jews. The Nazis even blamed the victims for it.

But despite that ghastly genocide still in living memory according to Israel's Education Minister Naftali Bennett today Jews in Europe are enduring an "unprecedented" level of anti-Semitism.
Diaspora Affairs Minister Naftali Bennett painted a dark picture of Jewish life in Europe on Sunday, telling the cabinet anti-Semitism on the Continent has reached an “unprecedented” level.

The minister briefs the government on such trends every year immediately prior to International Holocaust Remembrance Day, which falls on Wednesday, January 27. ('European anti-Semitism has reached unprecedented levels', The Jerusalem Post, January 24, 2016.)
Naturally some will not be impressed with such talk.

Let us be careful with our words to avoid offense.

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