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Iran's Press TV Mentions Misogynistic Violence within US Military

[Update: January 20, 2015: Since this post was first published it I have since learned that the problem of sexual harassment within the US military was mentioned in a little article in the August 2013 issue of PCG's recruitment magazine. But that leads to the question of why this serious issue was not mentioned in PCG's December 17, 2015 article cited below. This post has been rewritten to reflect that fact.]

Recently Iran's Press TV mentioned the shameful fact that there is widespread sexual abuse and harassment of personnel within the US armed forces by their "follow" male personnel. This criminal behavior is mainly directed at female personnel. It would be so good to say that this are just baseless allegations but we must face the harsh and terrible facts that these allegations are true and are well known.

From Press TV:
Reports of sexual assault at the three US military academies increased by more than 50 percent last year, Pentagon officials have confirmed.
The Pentagon’s review of sexual harassment and assault at the US Military Academy, West Point, New York; the Naval Academy, Annapolis, Maryland; and the Air Force Academy, Colorado Springs, Colorado, showed that during the academic year 2014-2015, a total of 91 cases were filed, the MilitaryTimes said Friday. ...
The Air Force Academy, which consistently has had the most number of reported cases since 2011, saw the largest increase from the previous year, with 49 reports, 27 of them unrestricted.  (Sexual assault up 55% in US military academies: Pentagon, January 9, 2016.)

The extent of sexual assault in the US military is “staggering” and indicates a “major cultural problem," an American serviceman says.
Pentagon officials have confirmed reports that sexual assault at the three US military academies increased by more than 50 percent last year. ...
“The numbers of sexual assaults that take place are pretty staggering on their own,” Seth Manzel, a US Army Infantryman, told Press TV on Saturday. “But what is happening is the army has started to reform itself.”
Manzel, an Iraq War veteran, said sexually assaulted servicemen would refuse to report their attackers for fear of being discharged.
“With women as well, women were often kicked out for reporting sexual assault,” he added. (Number of sexual assaults in US military ‘staggering’: Army man, January 10, 2016.)
It is ironic that Press TV, a media outlet based in Iran which happens to promote absurd 9/11 conspiracy theories, should speak out on this important issue and yet PCG so often demonizes Iran.

Back in January of last year I wrote the following regarding a 2013 article by Joel Hilliker condemning female soldiers being allowed to serve in the front lines of combat.
January 26 [2013]. "America Thrusts Wives and Moms Into Combat" by Joel Hilliker. Here Hilliker condemns women serving as soldiers in the US military. If Hilliker is truly disturbed by this maybe he should become an pacifist in spirit and uses his words to discourage military endeavors.

Strangely he makes no mention of the well documented and most shameful phenomena of female soldiers being sexually harassed and/or raped by "follow" US soldiers. (Notes from PCG's Trumpet Weekly (2013), January 30, 2015.)
PCG did mention this terrible issue in in a little article in the August 2013 issue of PCG's recruitment magazine.

Another post is also relevant: PCG Condemns Women Serving in All Forms of US Military Service, December 17, 2015. The PCG article discussed in that post, which is dated December 17, 2015, makes no mention of this terrible problem.

It is bizarrely ironic that while this sect based in Edmond should be so boastful of how "patriotic" they claim to be towards the United States meanwhile a media outlet based in one country PCG particularly despises should happen to speak out about those victimized by this ghastly and criminal behavior within the US armed forces.

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