Thursday, January 21, 2016

PCG Dissing Transgender People Again

PCG's denigration of the transgender community continues unabated. It is not mentioned that the condition is named gender dysphoria.

From PCG's Ryan Malone ("Defining the Sexes," January 19, 2016).
The idea of gender is under attack in our modern world! And it’s coming from two seemingly opposite schools of thought.
One is that gender differences don’t actually exist—that our views of such differences are the result of a cultural brainwashing—so, under the guise of “equality,” society blurs the two genders into one androgynous mix.
We shall return to that idea later.
The other school of thought is that gender differences do exist—but that they are independent of our actual physical endowments. A man can think he’s a woman, or vice versa. Someone can undergo all sorts of medical procedures and drug cocktails to have the body overhauled to that of the opposite sex.
Malone seems to be referring to gender dysphoria. That is the technical term. It is a real medical condition. It is not a mental illness.

Normally one's anatomy and one's gender identity are the same. One's gender identity is determined in the brain. But when they are not the same then such a one has male anatomy and a female gender identity. Or vice versa. It is not a personal choice. They are not "confused." Gender dysphoria is real.
So you can be a man and think completely like a woman. But wait! How is that possible if there’s no real difference between men and women (as the first school of thought tells us)? Our gender-bender society is speaking out of both sides of its mouth.
Actually when I read up about transgender people I learned that there actually is a history of antagonism by some radical feminists against transgender people. From what little I read of it the radical feminists wanted to believe that there is really no such thing as gender. But transgender people challenge that idea. But from what I read it sounds as though this school of thought among radical feminists has moved away to the margins among feminists.
The sex-change example is an extreme case of this second school of thought.
It is not a "school of thought." Rather some have a gender identity in the brain that differs from one's physical anatomy. It is a real medical condition. Those not trained in medical science have no business contradicting them.
A more subtle manifestation of it is how society tells us that one gender is different—even better—than another. Men are brutish, capable of only a handful of contributions to society, but women can do it all and have it all. Again, how is that possible, if there’s no real difference between men and women?
And so a sense of victimhood is fostered among the male readers of this article.

The COGs have a very simple prescription for how to manage family life. Here it is:

Men rule over women.

That's it. That is what the COGs teach.

It does not matter that Malone says that men and women are as clever as each other. Armstrogism has always taught that men rule over women. One gender rules over another.

It is unfortunate that it appears to be assumed by PCG's leaders that in order to promote this view they should denigrate transgender people and obscure the fact that gender dysphoria is a real medical condition. It is not a mental illness. It is not "confusion." They have gender dysphoria and they need help and support not vilification and denial.


More information about transgender people and facts about how often they are targeted with violence may be seen in a previous post: PCG's Demonization of the Transgender People.

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