Monday, January 25, 2016

PCG's Jeremiah Jacques Posts Tweet Mocking Iraqi Refugees

The following is from a man who never saw his homeland get destroyed by war and economic deprivation.

In case it goes missing here is what is written here.
Not warm & sunni enough?

"70% of refugees in Finland abandon asylum claims & return home": …
It is dated 8:18 AM, January 25, 2016.

The article linked in this tweet discusses Iraqi refugees applying for asylum in Finland.

Here are the responses to this tweet by Jeremiah Jacques.

The first one is of 14 emoticons of faces with tears of joy.

Here are some others.
S,now benifits maybe.

Perhaps all the Syrian "Refugees" Obama is bringing in should be housed up in Alaska wilderness somewhere?
The article was talking about Iraqi refugees, not Syrians.
shows again all ones leaving,their is no need for them here in these countries
Here's one tweet that confused Finland with Finland. 
If refugees are returning home because Sweden is too cold,could things really have been as bad as they claimed.
Here's a really nasty tweet that stereotypes Middle Eastern people as "Islamists" even though many are not like that at all and insinuates that "they" are out to rape white women.
Maybe the #Islamists ran out of Nordic women to rape.
Accusing outsiders of wanting to rape women has often been used to attack ethnic minorities. Such accusations loosely made like this are very dangerous and inflammatory.
Fins thanking God

They should do that here!

there must be joy in Finland

I'm sure the ppl are thrilled get the f out

Thank God!!!!

Yep the 70% of the 10 counted in this story

How deep's all the white global warming that fell? It could be the one elixir that keeps 'em from staying. If only..

great, maybe the weather could save us from are traitor politicians social experiment.
This mean spirited tweet and the responses to it provides further evidence of PCG's xenophobia of non-white persos migrating to the United States.

Armstrongism mainly caters for whites partly due to their false dogma of British Israelism. If there is no white majority in the United States it will be harder for PCG to use British Israelism to gain more recruits.


  1. They would find a way.

    And concerning British Israelism, there is a movement under way (or is that under foot?) to discredit the DNA evidence. Proponents want to contend that the Y Chromosome 'drifts' and members of one haplogroup become another. Why, just moving from the tropical to the cooler temperate zone is sure to change your haplogroup.

    So let's get prepared to throw out all DNA evidence in court judgments -- it's no longer viable.

    It just so happens that these morons are getting kicked off some scientific blogs with their DNA 'ideas' quite unceremoniously. Hint: If you don't want to get kicked off a scientific blog, be willing to like actually discuss science and not magic.

    No, the PCG will continue to use British Israelism, no matter what -- and if push comes to shove, they will find a way to disguise it.

    The British Israelism Society is highly concerned and has the 'problem' under 'investigation':

    We all know how that's going to turn out, don't we?

  2. Some people just do not want to admit what really happened.

    1. Yes, and they will fight vigorously to preserve the lies.

  3. Too funny! To preserve their British Israelism, their latest technique is to actually cop to Darwinism?