Monday, January 25, 2016

PCG Insists HWAC's Lack of Accreditation Not Important

PCG's Herbert W. Armstrong College is unaccredited. Some within PCG realize that it would be better to seek a degree that is actually accredited.

PCG's 1% are not pleased at this perfectly reasonable response to PCG's neglect in gaining accreditation after all this time.
Another excuse young people use in not applying to AC is that it is unaccredited. While true, in the grand scheme of things this fact means very little. Armstrong College students are able to put their practical job training to use in the real world immediately after graduation. Don’t let the accreditation factor keep you from applying to AC. (Michael Cocomise, Why Attend Armstrong College?, January 21, 2015.)
That is not an "excuse". Those who want to study at College deserve to work for a degree that will actually be recognized by potential employers rather than risking it all for a degree no one recognizes except PCG.


  1. Nah. The only thing a 'degree' from the PCG HWAC is good for is to become yet another cult minister in the PCG (or their wife).

    And for that, actually, not only doesn't it need an accreditation, it's rather a drawback.

  2. Good point. If that is all its for than why even have an unaccredited "College"?

    1. If that is all its for than why even have an unaccredited "College"?

      For show.

  3. Flurry is caught up in his own catch-22.

    First of all, they claimed that the worst period in the WCG was the time when AC originally sought accreditation, and therefore Herbie spoke out against accreditation - and Gerry echoed that voice.

    Secondly, seeking accreditation would mean certain academic requirements must be met, most of whom no one in the spinoffs in Armstrongism are actually capable of.

    They only know the "church speak" academic methods, and thus could not pass any candidate exams.

    Sad, but true. Humans who wasted their energy, and got nothing in return except a degree they claim is 'acceptable unto God'.... :-)