Saturday, March 14, 2009

How LCG Portrays Itself to the 'World'

Look what one columnist for Tomorrow's World wrote in the 'Watch and Warn' column, entitled 'A New World Order Is Coming' in the Jan-Feb, 2009 issue:
Even amid the Cold War hysteria of the 1950s, this Work was able to understand from Scripture that the Soviet Union would fall, that East and West Germany would reunify, and that a resurgent German-led Europe would set the stage for the final prophetic events before the return of Jesus Christ!
This is nonsense! Poppycock! That is not the full story. If you read 1975 in Prophecy you will see that actually HWA expected Communism, not to fall, but to rise to greater power before the return of Christ. In that booklet he writes, 'During this hellish 3½ years [the Great Tribulation], there will be no religious freedom....The entire eastern world will be under atheistic Communism. (Heading '3 1/2 Year Hell-and THEN')' It cannot be emphasized enough that the Armstrongites did not predict the fall of Soviet Communism. They did anticipate some countries within the Iron Curtain would join the European Beast Power by 1975, but they certainly did not anticipate the fall of the Soviet Union before the Second Coming. They believed Communism would be destroyed by the returning Christ but they had no idea that the whole ideological empire of Marxist-Leninist Communism would fall apart long before then. They did not know. This writer also gives no indication that from 1953 onwards HWA preached that Christ would return in 1975 so those prophecies were made with the understanding that all would be fulfilled by 1975. Those were false prophecies, because the fall of the Iron Curtain occurred too late to be counted as genuinely fulfilled. O Armstrongite false prophets, why do you insist on pretending to have a good track record in regards to prophecy? YOU DO NOT! I have already covered parts of this topic in a previous post.

Also in that Tomorrow's World issue was an article condemning racism. They even published a letter in the next issue praising the 'truthfulness, fairness and thoughtfulness' of the article. Is this letter writer aware that LCG discourage inter-racial marriage among their church members? How truthful and fair is that? That article never discusses LCG's pet doctrines condemning inter-racial marriage. In this 1996 interview Meredith says near the end, 'we discourage interracial dating and marriage'. I have seen no evidence to suggest that things have changed. This can be traced back to HWA's ban on inter-racial marriage, which is discussed and disproved in Exit and Support Network's excellent critical review of Mystery of the Ages, Chapter 4 and Chapter 5, (heading 'Racially-Nationally-Religiously Separated)'.

Why does LCG so often have to say things that do not stand up to scrutiny? Do they not fear God? Why do have to pretend to be so righteous when they consistently fail to fulfill their stated ideals? The people within this organization desperately need to repent of their misleading ways immediately. LCG, stop fooling these people!

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