Monday, May 25, 2009

PCG Says Christ Will "Probably" Return "within a Decade" (2019)

I cannot believe this. I honestly cannot. Clearly PCG has learned absolutely nothing from 1936, 1975 or when HWA proclaimed that Christ would return by 2005 in Mystery of the Ages (which PCG may have removed). They have learned absolutely nothing.

The latest Philadelphia Trumpet (July 2009) has this headline on the cover, "Major News Sources: Will Christ Ever Return?" PCG's answer? "Yes He will. And probably within a decade."

PCG has set a date. They have placed a "probably" qualifier, but this is still setting a date. If Christ does not return by 2019 then it will be proven that PCG's "probably" statement was completely, totally wrong.

This headline refers to the issue's editorial which contains many typical fear inducing writings which the false prophets of Armstrongism have been spreading around in vain over seventy years.

So now we see that PCG has set a date. No doubt that "probably" will be used as a scapegoat when this turns out badly for them. "Oh, we didn't really meant it," they will say. Really?

This statement coincides with a similar statement Gerald Flurry made last year implying that the Great Tribulation will, he believes, "in five years or less."

We will remember this, PCG. We will not forget this.

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  1. Actually the leadership is putting the COGs through their own tribulation of false teachings about God, of fear and intimidation, by telling them failure to pay and pray for the leadership will cause loss of salvation,etc.
    They isolate people with personal dogma.