Thursday, October 29, 2009

PCG with Non-Armstrongite Persons

In PCG's latest issue of The Philadelphia Trumpet they have included an interview with Intelligent Design proponent Guillermo Gonzalez. I am very disappointed that he has given them this interview and thus help to legitimize them.

Perhaps he is unaware of their true nature as a heretical sect that condemns all other Christians as false Christians and furthermore insist that even their fellow Armstrongite brethren are so contemptible that PCG members are forbidden to associate with them.

I recall reading somewhere in one of HWA's co-worker letters he stated that he was able to get on so many radio stations partly by not emphasizing the religious nature of his program. He was getting on their good side, partly by hiding his real nature.

This reminds me of the time the old WCG interviewed the famous historian Paul Johnson. [Update: Dead link.] This is a part of PCG's attempt to became more respected by people who will be sympathetic to them.

Now I don't want to pick on Gonzalez. Other non-Armstrongites have also had articles published in The Philadelphia Trumpet. For example the eurosceptic author, Rodney Atkinson. He has written at least four articles for PCG, spanning from 2000 to 2008. PCG had an interview with him which appears in the February 2001 issue.

And then there is The Trumpet Weekly, which is mainly composed of excepts from other newspapers.

Can you imagine Tomorrow's World gaining interviews of such persons, or so extensively using the writings of journalists for so extensively for their publications? As one who was a loyal subscriber to LCG's magazine from 2000 onwards I cannot. Clearly PCG is striving to revive the aura of respectability and prominence that The Plain Truth had.


  1. @ David "Ben-Ariel"

    Oh, pot, why can't you and kettle get along?

    To the subject of the post:

    "The Privileged Planet" contains bad science, faulty reasoning, and creationist propaganda. It's the perfect match for any Armstrongist endeavor.