Monday, December 14, 2009

Persecution in Eritrea

In Eritrea only four religions are allowed to operate. "In 2002 the Eritrean regime outlawed religious activity except that of the Orthodox, Catholic, Lutheran or Muslim religions." (Source) Consequently any other religious activity faces severe persecution.

Here's one recent example of this persecution.

"On 5 December Eritrean authorities arrested 30 mostly elderly Christian women who were praying together in a house in the capital, Asmara. According to International Christian Concern, most of the detainees are members of Faith Mission Church, an evangelical church with a Methodist background. It had been active in evangelism and development activities in Eritrea for over five decades until 2002 when it was forced to go underground." (Source.)

This article states elsewhere that about 3000 Christians are imprisoned in Eritrea.

At least nine of them are known to have died in prison, including one Yemane Kahasay Andom on June 23. More of these tragic deaths are recorded here.

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  1. What I found incredible, once the grace of Christ led me from that horrible Armstrongism, is that the world of Christianity in general has been dealing with persecutions and trials the likes of which make the meager trials we all complained about utterly pale almost to shame in comparison.

    I mean, we would all cry and pray - and even find some degree of comfort - when someone lost their job over the Feast of Tabernacles.

    Lost their job????!! For the love of Mike, there are whole villages of Christians in India that are losing their lives and all worldly possessions to ravaging mobs!!!

    We used the word "persecution" in context of the Israelites in ancient Egypt. We had no real concept of the word. Here there were real people really dieing in real persecution and we knew nothing of it. And I feel I can safely say we would not care if we did know because they are just false Christians feeling the wrath of Satan that they deserve.
    I suppose we had both ends of that covered. When we were "tried" it was for God's sake. Then others were persecuted, it was for the Devil's sake. "Sick, sick, sick."

    I'd barely heard of Eritrea let alone that people so love God that they would face such incredible persecution for the name of Christ. I pray God spare them in this life, for sure. But if it is His will, may God have mercy on them and speed them to an abundant reward with Him through eternity! They've shared in His persecution; they will share in His inheritance.