Thursday, May 13, 2010

Flashback: Meredith On Syd Hull's Defection

Here's Meredith response to Syd Hull's defection from LCG to Dave Pack's RCG in late 2006. It must be stated here that since then Syd Hull has now returned to LCG's fold.

From the September 27, 2006 Weekly Update:

Dear Ministers and Brethren,

Greetings from Charlotte, NC! We here are grateful for God’s blessing on the Work of the Living Church of God. During this past year, we have received 30% more calls and letters in response to the Tomorrow’s World telecast than last year. The number of co-workers and donors has greatly increased and the number of new prospective members has skyrocketed! So we will soon be adding many more new members to the approximately 7,000 people currently attending the Living Church of God.

We were all happily looking forward to a wonderful and peaceful Feast of Tabernacles until we learned about the tragic confusion caused by David Pack and his recent attacks on our members and ministers in this country and in yours. Mr. Pack is well-known by literally hundreds of people here in the United States as one who has sown discord and division for many years. You may remember that I had to mark Dave Pack on August 3, 2000. Not one single Ambassador trained minister or leader has ever gone with him –for very good reason.

Now, it is apparent that he has succeeded in confusing our dear brother, Sydney Hull. In his letter of resignation just received—obviously written in part by David Pack—Mr. Hull praises Ernest Owino and other dissidents who have come under David Pack’s pernicious influence. Mr. Hull’s letter repeatedly attacks Dr. Winnail and me with totally false accusations—a number of which obviously came directly from Dave Pack. Mr. Pack is really skilled at attacking! But his track record has clearly shown for years a man who is more of an “accuser” and a “divider” than one who truly builds and strengthens people to walk in Christian love and harmony. Mr. Hull will realize this in time—I just wish it were much sooner.

Dear brethren, as we eagerly anticipate the Feast of Tabernacles, Satan is doing all he can to thwart our efforts and to distract the brethren from the important Work which we have been given to do. Satan has chosen this “prime time” to attack the Work as he obviously “knows” the growth in this Work that is beginning to take place. As he tried to kill Christ even before He was born, Satan is trying to negate our efforts to reach the world more powerfully with the true Gospel. But we will not let these events discourage us from continuing to preach powerfully the wonderful message of God’s coming Kingdom. With the cascade of prophetic events continuing, we are more excited than ever about the opportunity to really warn this world of what is just ahead and to strengthen God’s people to prepare for the coming Kingdom!

While we are very disappointed in the fact that some are turning aside, we will try to learn from these developments and draw closer to God than ever. But it is our sad duty to let all of you know that Mr. Mark Mendiola from Idaho and Mr. Dean Greer from WA state have left our fellowship and service. Also, as I indicated above, Mr. Syd Hull of South Africa has been confused and turned aside by David Pack. Incidentally, if any of you want to really know the details of David Pack and his confused approach, please check up on him on the Internet site of Dr. Robert Thiel, Here you will find many facts about what is really happening.

Again, “Feast fever” is building here in Charlotte and around the country. My wife and I just returned from a wonderful visit to the churches in New England for the Feast of Trumpets. Mr. and Mrs. Ames just returned from visiting our brethren in Louisiana, and Dr. Winnail just returned from visiting Mr. Charles Bryce and the brethren in the Dallas, Gladewater and Lufkin areas. All of us found that the brethren are very “up beat” and things are moving forward.

So let us not fall into Satan’s trap as he tries to discourage us just before the Feast. We know—and know that we know—that Christ is with us and will use us ever more powerfully in preparing for His Kingdom as we show ourselves loyal to Him and to His Work. Have a wonderful Feast! My wife and I look forward to seeing many hundreds of you in Colorado and in Florida, and pray that God will bless and guide all of you in the Feast sites around the nation and around the world. May God continue to bless you, encourage you and strengthen you.

With Christian love,

Roderick C. Meredith

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  1. I just love the way "Ra Ra Rod" excoriates the other COG splinters. He has "Feast fever" but he must not have been forced to sit through the "one big happy family" sermons like we all had to each year.

    "Pernicious" I'm going to have to use that word more often.