Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Christians Fleeing Iraq

While the ministers in UCG allow their tensions to erupt in this latest split, further burdening their unfortunate followers (I do not doubt for an instant that it is a hard experience for the members caught up in it), while the plagiarist Gerald Flurry dares to call himself an Apostle, while the COGs spread fear inducing prophecies based on the misinterpretations of another plagiarist to gain money, the Christians of Iraq are fleeing from the unimaginable violence there which, alas, has now turned its wrath upon them and other religious minorities.

It seems clear that the terrible terrorist attack against Baghdad has caused many Christians to flee from Iraq.

Haunted by violence, Iraqi Christians flee to Turkey (Hürriyet Daily News).
According to church records, some 150 Christian families, or more than 600 people, arrived in Turkey in December, almost the same as during the whole of 2009....

Figures by the Turkey office of the U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees tend to confirm the trend: The number of asylum applications by Iraqi Christians has more than doubled in three months – from 183 in October to 428 in December.
Meanwhile the persecution of Christians and other religious minorities in Iraq continues.

Christian Doctor Assaulted in Mosul (Asia News). A doctor "seriously wounded" by a gunman but survives.

Baghdad Raids on Alcohol Sellers Stir Fears (New York Times). This article also includes an account of a (thankfully non-fatal) assault upon an Assyrian cultural center.

Persecution is not something that just occurred in ancient Rome, it is happening right now.

(Hat tip to Jihad Watch. Please note I do not agree with everything written on that site. )

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