Saturday, February 19, 2011

The Massacre in Libya

At the moment Gaddafi's regime in Libya has inflicted astounding violence against the people who choose to protest. The death toll seem to rise to frightening proportions on a daily basis.

Many peaceful protesters have been murdered.

Here's Al Jazeera's Live Blog on Libya for more information about these terrible happenings. (Warning: Contains disturbing images, and links to websites with disturbing images.)

Helicopters have fired on protesters.

The Internet have been shut down.

Phones are no longer working.

This is part of what dictatorships often seek to do upon their people, the atomization of society, in which people are unable, afraid to speak to each other, support each other, and are forced to be alone so the dictatorship can regain control.

As far as I am concerned the main focus towards these many protests in the Arab world must now focus upon Libya. The Libyan state has revealed itself as being especially vicious towards peaceful dissenters and the terror they inflict on them must be exposed to the world.

If we speak up we may force the Libyan authorities to relent on their oppression.

If there is any way you can spread the awareness of these terrible happenings I encourage you to do so.

Evil hates being exposed to the light. Therefore let it be exposed.

That is why I feel moved to speak of these things.

Gaddafi is a murderer.


  1. COG writers seemed to take Hosni Mubarak's side during the Egyptian turmoil -- such as posts accusing President Obama and the U.S. of deserting him. It's as if it's better to have a dictator we like than potential Islamic radicalism we won't like.

    COG's can't really take the same stand in Libya, given Col. Gadhafi's history.