Friday, June 3, 2011

PCG Puts Royal Wedding on Trumpet Cover

In the new Philadelphia Trumpet (July 2011) the editors at PCG have chosen to put a picture of Prince William and Kate Middleton's wedding.

How dreadful that something so beautiful and joyous should be exploited by a cult which tears apart families with its No Contact rule towards ex-members and members of other Armstrongite groups, that inflict incalculable suffering because of its anti-medicine superstition which Herbert Armstrong plagiarized from the Jehovah Witnesses who from about 1921 till 1953 were forbidden from using vaccines, that create a dictatorial society that has inflicted terrible suffering upon thousands.


  1. They actually follow in the footsteps of Herbie because when you look back the wedding of Crown Prince Charles to Diana was also on the front page of "The Plain Truth" when it occured. [Of course, no mention in Philly Trumpet when they were divorced, nor any mention when she was taken away in the all too soon death in 1997.]

    The Armstrongite cults, offshoots etc all want their perspective on world news, and Ron Fraser is one key example of pick and choose when he lays out his prophetic perspective.

    A sad bunch of people indeed, who delude many into sacrificing the last pennies for an organization with lavish spending...

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