Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Two Stories: Religious Hypocracy Turns Away a Believer, and an Elderly Man Remembers His Former Religion

Just saw some intriguing stories from Godreports.

First Saudi Woman Publicly Announces Her Faith in Christ.

A Saudi woman announces her conversion to Christianity. What caught my interest was her statement that the oppression of the morality police, a clerical police force that enforces religious rules throughout Saudi Arabia, seems to have caused her to become disillusioned.
“The morality police’s treatment caused me to not take fasting and prayer seriously and to eventually convert to Christianity.”
I had heard about this police force while reading Princess by Jean Sasson and the main subject of the book, Sultana, a Saudi princess who pours out the terrible injustices she has seen in Saudi society, speaks very negatively of this morality police, as an insufferable force that oppresses women and force them to live in a dysfunctional society according to a terribly narrow minded version of Islam. It does not surprise me that their oppression has caused this Saudi woman to be disillusioned.

The false prophets of Armstrongism are also guilty of this sort of sickening religious hypocrisy. And like the morality police in Saudi Arabia many of them from Herbert W. Armstrong onwards have also imposed an authoritarian way of life upon their deceived followers that stifles their natural potential in life. Many are the painful sorrows these false prophets imposed on us.

And now this story:

He Waited a Lifetime to see God’s Holy Book

A very touching story about one Mauritanian Christian who has a most intriguing encounter with one of his fellow countrymen.

It turns out this man came from a tribe that was Christian but was forcibly converted into Islam around 1950.

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